Good Morning SHE Fam! It’s Friday! I woke up this morning feeling a little lighter knowing that the weekend is ahead of me. It’s my hope that the sun is shining bright on you’ve had a positive week thus far. Recently, I was having a discussion with a friend about life plans and goals. I talked through everything that I want to accomplish and began to put the timeline as to when it should be done. That evening, during my “quiet time” it came to me….let me be clear…God spoke to me and let me know that His plan is better than mine.

Do you remember being a child and making plans only for your parents to shut you down? Your parents knew what was best for you and if you’re like me you learned quickly that their plans outweighed yours. This serves just as true with your Heavenly Father. No matter what plans you think you may have….His plans for your life outweigh yours.

Too many times we allow what we want for our life to take priority over what God has in store for us. It’s easy to do as God has given us the ability and wisdom to make decisions, however, we still must seek Him to order our steps. So that you’re not caught by surprise, there are ways to include God in your life plan to ensure that you hear from Him when making decisions.

  1. Trust Him. Being able to give control to God is a gift to you. There is no need for you to worry about what’s next. God is in control and all you have to do is trust, believe and be obedient. Spend time with Him to learn more about His purpose for you. It will make the decision process easier because you will know that He has ordered your steps.
  2. Speak it into existence. When I was a child my grandfather would start each statement about his life plans with….”if it’s in God’s will.” I didn’t understand it then, but I get it now, if it’s in God’s will…it will be done. Engrain that statement into your thought process as it relates to making plans.
  3. Thank Him. God’s plan is greater than yours, understand that. We may go through storms and rough times, but I promise it’s to prepare you for the many blessings that He has for you. He has the key, but you must drive in order to reach your destination. Thank Him daily for allowing you to drive and look forward to an amazing ride.

Making plans for your life comes natural and it’s nothing wrong with having goals, just be sure to recognize God’s “say so” over your life. Allow Him to take control and know that He won’t fail you. When God’s plan takes precedence over yours….you are bound to win.

From my inspirational to yours, have a blessed weekend.