Christian’s Excellent Review on Good Sew-in Closures

As I watched Christian’s video on closures, I could not help but think of the many celebrities who needed some of her advice on good closure install.  While she was giving a comparison review on the silk vs. lace closures, there were many pieces of information on how to properly rock a natural looking closure.  I trolled the internet as usual and found many women with a “no-no” closure installation.

good sew-in closures

You need this review in your life

Lil’ Mama Wore Blue Hair

Lil’ Mama is notorious for getting attention; her whole persona is attention grabbing.  She is not afraid to wear bright colored hair, have a lollipop hanging out of her mouth, or even wear off color contacts in her eyes.  She has done this so much, that we have come to expect it from her.  However, when you are an attention grabber and walk the red carpet – you better werk that carpet with your look.

Good sew-in closures

Blue hair don’t care but that closure tho….

In Christian Byshe’s video, she clearly states that you need to make sure your closure blends.  She gave us tips on how to blend and make it look more realistic.  I really believe that Lil’ Mama was trying to use this technique, but she clearly failed.  My guess is (1) her closure did not come from Sheena’s Hair Emporium, (2) maybe her stylist used too much bleach when applying it to the knots (this technique makes it looks more natural – see Christian’s video) or (3) her stylist plucked the part too much in an effort to give the closure a more natural look. When you are wearing bright colored hair, it is apparent that you give extra attention to blending than normal, because we all know that rainbow hair is not natural. Check out how Pretty Gyrl Angie was able to give us pause with her flawless rainbow install.  Her closure blends so well, that you have no idea this is not her hair. Pretty Gyrl Angie always shows us how to pull off rainbow hair with a flawless wig, or sew in, and closure.

Good sew-in closures

Blue hair done well with an awesome closure

Toni Braxton Stay Switching it Up

We all know that Toni Braxton will switch up her weave to a short pixie cut and then to a wig all in one day.  She is usually flawless in her efforts, but sometimes if you pay attention, you will catch Toni slipping. Check out the photo below.

good sew-in closures

This closure does not blend very well

It is so obvious that this is not blended and not real.  It does not have a natural flow from face to scalp to hair.  As Christian stated, “you want the parting area on your closure to mimic your scalp.” While her makeup is excellent, in this case it is not helping to give her hair a natural look.  My guess is Toni’s stylist did not do any plucking or bleaching to the closure to give it a little more density. Check out the picture below where she pulled it off.  Her edges are flowing right to her extensions. And of course, her makeup is on point.

good sew-in closures

She blended the closure well and makeup is on point

Ciara was Caught Slipping…

Ciara is a gorgeous woman, yet she has been seen with a bad closure, as well.  If you look at the photo below, you’ll see that Ciara’s edges have been smoothed in an upward styled.  Her hair is in a middle part which means that her edges should have been smoothed more down the side. This is not one of the good sew-in closures you’ll call your mama about, solely based on the way the edges have been smoothed with edge control in a different direction from the way the hair  extensions and closure have been styled.

good sew-in closures

Nice try but edge control is not the key to blending

Now, if you look at the latter photo, you will see an excellent job of blending with makeup and some plucking to get the part just right.  Her stylist gets a thumbs up for giving her extensions a natural look.  Did I mention how gorgeous she is?

good sew-in closure

Winning the closure game

Here is another shot of her with an excellent closure install. The part is the right size and looks as if is actually hers. Her edges do not give away the fact that she has a closure or extensions installed, and the color of her hair is flawless and compliments her skin. However, when you wear your hair in a middle part, you must be careful with your edges, because you could be caught pulling your hair out of your face and expose edges that you thought were hidden.  Make sure you take care of the edges that are not shown by styling them in a way that looks natural.

good sew-in closures

Still winning the closure game

You don’t want to be caught with fly away hair to expose edges that are not so put together. Check out Naomi Campbell here:

good sew-in closures

Edges not on fleek

A great way to cure this situation is to secure your style with pins to prevent fly away hair.  Also, it would not be a bad idea to add in makeup a shade or two lighter than your hair.  In case of fly away hair, it will not come to others as much of a shock if they see bare scalp.  You can even go as far as to fill in the edge area like you would when filling in your eyebrows. An even better option is to get a closure that has full coverage like Naomi did below:

good sew-in closures

Great coverage with a good closure

Mama Dee – Them Edges Tho

I’m sure we can all agree that Mama Dee loves her weave.  If you watch Love and Hip Hop, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Mama Dee has had many hairstyles that have worked for her, and then there are those that have worked against her.  See the evidence here:

good sew-in closures

Mama Dee’s edges do not match her extensions…where is her closure?

This is actually a really great picture of Mama Dee.  Her skin looks flawless, her eyes are soft and welcoming, and her hair is flowing… but her closure is pushed to far back and the color does not necessarily compliment her skin tone. The transition of her edges and her closure is not smooth, and it doesn’t give her a natural look. The whole point is that we all know she has extensions because there is a breakup in the flow. This is a closure “no no” for women everywhere!  Ladies……blend the closure! Blend the extensions! Blend the makeup!  Keep the flow, flowing.  I cannot tell you how important it is for your hair to appear as if it is growing from your scalp. If you aren’t going to go through the trouble to create a flow – face, edges, scalp – what’s the point?

Mama Dee should have found a stylist (Read the new way to find a stylist here) who could make sure her flow was seamless, and the extensions were undetectable.  Believe it or not, some people still do not know how popular extensions have become, and we can still fool the masses. There is no fooling here, but Mama Dee eventually gets it right.  As a matter of fact, she blew it out the park.  See the “Upgraded Mama Dee” below:

good sew-in closures

Mama Dee stuntin’ on ’em

The bangs give her, her youth back, and that smile gives her a friendly prescence.  Look at your friend waiting to catch up for lunch. The black hair is better for her age and works better with her makeup. And, are those extensions she’s wearing? You don’t know, because she has full coverage and possibly a good sew-in closure. Give it to us Mama Dee!


When you are getting hair extensions: make sure you find the right stylist, get the right brand of hair, add the right makeup and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!!


If you missed Christian’s video, check it out here: Lace Closure Vs. Silk Closure – Sheeena’s Hair Emporium.  It will be the best 10 minutes of your life!