She Fam! Working out already has its challenges and when you add hair to the equation, it makes a bad situation worse. I’ve posted about different head gear that you can use to catch the sweat and continue your cardio, however, the various head bands doesn’t take you from the gym to dinner. The truth is, post workout hair is dreadful and quite difficult to manage.

Well it’s spring training and ladies it’s time to get those bodies right. Summer will be here in no time so don’t let hair stand in the way of what you’re trying to accomplish in the gym. Just like anything else, there are ways to work around post gym hair.

Below are tips and styles to keep you motivated and cute during training season.

Tip 1: Plan your workouts accordingly
I don’t know how often you workout but planning your gym days will help you in more than one way. I recommend planning your workouts around your slow days. For example, my busy days in which I need my hair slayed are Friday through Sunday. Therefore, I workout Tuesday, Thursday with a very light workout on Saturday. About that light workout? I still get it in, but I slow down on the cardio to avoid sweating my hair out. This is where head gear comes in handy.

Tip 2: Don’t allow whipped hair to affect your style
So many times we sacrifice our style for our bodies. This means, when we are slaying in the gym, we downplay the need to look presentable. It’s a fact that when you look good you feel good. One of the best ways to see results is when you are attempting to look your best. Let your hard work pay off in your everyday appearance. Because you will find a protective style to keep your hair right, all you will have to worry about is hair and makeup. Be cut and cute at the same time.

In addition to the tips, I’ve included a few protective styles to consider while you’re working out.

Truth be told…extensions are a lifesaver. A sew-in or a unit will enable you to slay the gym while looking pretty. Visit Sheena’s Hair Emporium for a variety of hair types. Rather you want long tresses to pull back or curly big hair, there are plenty of options and styles. Angela Simmons is the poster kid for long tresses and abs to match.

Braids are another option to get you through training season. Rather you’re into box braids or senegalese twist. Fellow SHE Blogger, Christian Douglas rocks out with her senegalese twist and you can too. I believe braids and twists are an awesome way to protect your hair and keep you cute while working out. Pull them up and get busy.

For the girls that opt out on extensions and braids, you may have to work harder at maintaining your hair, however it’s still possible. There are styles such as the one Nia Long is rocking to keep covered while working out.

Post workout hair doesn’t have to stress you out. The tips and styles above should not only motivate you but keep you cute. Let’s get ready for summer in style.

With sass and class.


We want to hear from you. What protective styles do you think are best for working out?