It’s one thing to know people by name, it’s another to know them by hair. The women we know by hair are the ones that never cease to amaze us with their tresses. They may not be in the spotlight or show up in our news feed that often but when they do, their hair is unapologetically fabulous. One thing that all of these ladies have in common is that they have the ability to be trendy without necessarily trying. They aren’t often recognized for having a new look because we are addicted to the style they’ve rocked for years. They wear the sytle so well that they can create a new version to keep up with the times. I call this timeless beauty and these ladies are definitely legends in the world of hair.

Tracey Ellis Ross
Tracey slays the world of curls. I adore her hair and she has always displayed her natural beauty with the fullness of her curly fro. From her character as Joan on Girlfriends to this most recent picture, Tracey’s hair is as timeless as she is. I guess that we can say that she gets it from her mother because Diana Ross also leads the charts with her beautiful thick hair.

Halle Berry
It may seem like I’m partial to Halle Berry because we’re both #teamshorthair and that’s because I am. Seriously, no one can deny Halle Berry and that flawless pixie cut that she wears so well. As a matter of fact, when we see Halle with any other look (example: her character as Jordan on The Call) we tend to immediately frown. This reaction comes from years of awe moments from her beautiful short hair. She has definitely been the inspirations for many women looking for that perfect cut.

Kim Kardashian
You might not keep up with the Kardashians or be a fan of #Kimye, but we must admit that Kim Kardashian doesn’t go wrong with her hair. You can always expect her hair sleek and blowing in the wind. To be honest, her hair always looks good, even when she is going for the messy look. The “Farah Faucet” part and long tresses work for Kim.

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige gives blonde hair a good name and always has. She keeps her length right at bob and very well maintained. From No More Drama to the whole, happy and healthy Mary that we all know it’s hard not to have real love for her and her hair. Her hair has also been the inspiration since the 90’s and she has yet to fail us.

New styles are awesome, but who doesn’t love the divas that have maintained the same hair, keeping it trendy year after year. Rather natural, colored, short or long each of these women have owned their style and although we know them by name, their true fame is in their mane.

With sass and class.


We want to hear from you. Which of these ladies have been a hair inspiration for you?