Hi SHE Fam! Happy Wednesday! I have a few thought provoking questions, what do you do when it’s all good? How do you handle life when everything seems to be going your way? Often times, we spend so much time prepping for storms that we forget…you have to be able to handle the sunny days. We can compare sunshine and good weather in our lives to the literal context. Think about it….On sunny hot summer days, you still have to protect yourself all while enjoying the weather.

Let me break it down. When things are going well in your life, you must not forget to protect yourself by giving God praise, continuously praying over your life and blessing to others. I once heard that our strongest praise and deepest prayers are in the midst of our storms. Why is that? I’ve learned that during our times of need we spend more time hearing from God. This doesn’t mean that we turn our back on Him when things are well in our lives, it does mean that we focus less on hearing from Him. The thing that’s important to remember is no matter how well things might be going, being able to hear from God is critical. When God is able to order your steps, it helps to ensure that what seems good in your life remains good. This doesn’t prevent a storm from occurring in your life; however it will prepare you and your perspective.

When it’s all good, we must put our best effort into praising God and blessing others. We see our blessings in real form and honestly it means that we’re enjoying them. Thanking God through actions equals being a blessing to other people and continuously focusing on a strong prayer life with Him. That means we can’t afford to prioritize everything before God and we sure can’t think that what He has given us is only for us.

We can’t control what’s in the forecast, but when days are sunny we can enjoy them all while understanding what we need to do in order to protect our spirit. Keep God in your thought process at all times but especially when things are at their best. Remember to love, live and most importantly uplift others.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Wednesday.