I love watching What’s in my Bag videos to see if other girls carry just as much stuff in their purses as I do! Today, I wanted to share with y’all some of the random stuff I carry in my bag.


First off, the purse I’m currently carrying is the gray one pictured above from Target.

I’m a writer, so the first three things I have in my purse are writing related pens, my planner, and a notebook. I’m very much a planner junkie and I use it for everything—important dates, keeping track of blog posts, and to-do lists. I have pens that I always carry around to color coordinate things in my planner, and I also have a notebook to jot down ideas before I forget!

Makeup Bag: I carry a small makeup bag inside my purse for little things I may need throughout the day—lipstick, chap stick, powder, etc.

Glasses: Working on the computer for so many hours a day like I do can really stress out my eyes. I carry my glasses with me everywhere (when I’m not wearing them!)

Sunglasses: I always have to have a pair of sunglasses with me for the days when I don’t feel like being bothered or when I’m looking as tired as I feel!

Napkins: I try to have a couple of napkins in my purse just in case the restaurant I go to forgets to give me some, or I spill something. This has come in handy more times than I can count!

Charger: I carry a charger around with me everywhere! You never know when you’re phone is going to go dead! I also keep my phone on the charger at work as well.

Headphones: Another thing I keep for work. When I’m really getting in work mode, I like to listen to certain playlists or podcasts! There’s nothing worse than getting to work and realizing that you left your headphones at home!

Wallet: This goes without saying! You always need your license, ID, library card, and even certain restaurant cards that give you points every time you eat there. Don’t you hate when you go to an ice cream shop and forget to get your card punched?

Comb: I’m not using this anymore now that my hair is in it’s afro state, but usually when my hair is blown out or I’m wearing a sew-in, I need a comb in my purse at all times.

Keys: Also, goes without saying!

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion: Sometimes you need to clean your hands but you aren’t near a sink. Sometimes, you ARE near a sink but after you wash your hands, they get super dry and ashy! I hate that feeling!

What kind of crazy or random things do you carry with you in your purse? I know this seems like a lot, but my day wouldn’t go right if I was missing any of these items in my bag!

Let me know what kind of things you keep in your purse in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @IndiaWrites, YouTube at YouTube.com/IndiaVlogsHair and check out my blog, TheReddBlogger.com!




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