Hi SHE Fam!

I can remember when I was a little girl my mother used to tell me that I didn’t always have to say something and not everything required my response. That wise statement derived from me always having a rebuttal or better yet adding my two cents to a lot of situations that didn’t concern me. Twenty years later, the learned lesson and my mother’s wisdom is still very much engrained in my behavior especially when it comes to controversial topics.

Last Friday, our social media timelines were flooded with opinions, facts, statements of hatred, etc.  People were very transparent about their feelings regarding the topic at hand and whereas, some were innocent and valid others were not. A friend of mine asked me my thoughts and honestly I don’t have a response. Not feeling the need to respond isn’t based on my feelings around the topic, honestly, it’s because I’ve learned that some things are better left unsaid.

There will always be several perspectives and outlooks on a topic and we will not always agree with them. It’s important that we remember that we’re all human and have the right to think or say whatever we feel, however that right doesn’t make the content “right.” Sometimes it’s understanding that our opinions are better left unsaid that can eliminate adding fuel to a fire or offending others.

Not sharing your opinions on social media will not diminish your feelings nor will it keep you from ever disagreeing or offending other people. It will keep you from adding insult to the injury of the many statements that derive from hatred.

Like many of the topics that have an impact on our society, we must lead with prayer. Not to condemn those who don’t think or act in a manner as we do, but to ask God to step in to heal those that need Him.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Day!


Remember when someone is referring to YOU that makes you HER. So make it important for HER to be GREAT because SHE is EVERYTHING.