Happy Friday SHE Fam! We’re back to the weekend, thank God! I’ll get right to it today with a question….do you struggle with taking ownership for other people’s problems? This is an ongoing struggle of mine and I equate it to being a nurturer and problem solver (smile). Seriously, taking on the problems of others can create problems for you that never existed before. Let me tell you why…..

Your brain space. Our brains are only equipped to handle so much. It’s impossible to sustain if you are one that takes on the problems of others. If this is you by nature (like me) you must remember that if you don’t play a role in it, it may not be for you to even know about. Dismiss problems that you don’t have control in solving and pray for those in need of a solution.

Your involvement. If you’re one who takes on the problems of others then it’s very likely that you’re too involved. Think about it….you’ve listened to the problem, you sorted through the issue at hand now you’re trying to equip the person’s who has the problem with the tools to solve. That’s too much and sometimes it actually serves as a disservice to the person who needs to work it out.

The missed mark. Often times when we take on things out of our control we begin to miss the mark on the things that we’re responsible for. For example, when I find myself investing energy into the problems of others I tend to neglect the things I need to be concerned about.

Lending your ear and support is necessary but adopting the problems that don’t belong to you are not. Find balance by asking God the role you should play (if any) when listening to your family, friends and co-workers. Use discernment when always and remember that the battle is not theirs or yours.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed day.