For my wedding I knew I was looking for a very elegant hairstyle, (something that would be timeless and I would still be able to appreciate years from now when I looked back on my pictures). Ladies, it took me awhile to narrow down the style for my wedding hair.

I eventually, (and by eventually, I mean the morning of my wedding) decided what style I wanted to wear so I went for voluminous curls. To achieve this style, I created a wig from a Sheena’s Hair Emporium Silk Based Indian Straight Closure and 3 bundles of Indian Straight extensions. I sewed the wig on to a cap made by Qfitt. The style of the cap I used was one designed for U part units. I like this particular one because the lace in the front allows for my closure to lay very flat  to my head without looking bulky.




After sewing the closure and then the tracks down to the cap, I then went back in to give the wig some shape so I used my shears and a razor to give the hair layers and dimension. This is important when going for a voluminous curled style. Without layers, the curls would all fall at the same level and that will leave the hair looking flat and heavy at the bottom.

I layered the unit the night before my wedding day and I held off on styling until the following day. When I curl units, I like to style them on mannequin heads because then I can be very thorough with curling the hair without being restricted by my reach. I curled the


entire unit with a one inch barrel curling iron and I would wrap every freshly curled section around a rod to ensure the curls didn’t fall. Once the whole unit was curled, I sprayed it with a light holding spray by Carol’s Daughter. It was from their Monoi line.

I walked right into my wedding venue with my wig in perm and flexi rods and pranced right to my bridal suite with NO shame (A girl has to do what a girl has to do).

Once I was ready to get the show on the road and my heels on the aisle, I removed my rods, and the result was everything that I could have hoped for.

The hair fell so beautifully and my hair stayed gorgeous all night you all. It was perfect! The hair held the curls without looking stiff or going limp on me. When I was styling it, I had no problems at all with having to use excessive heat to style nor did the hair burn or dry out. Sheena’s Hair Emporium is definitely an industry leader when it comes to extensions and I have never been dissatisfied with any of the product that I have received from Sheena so that is why I was 100% confident about wearing this hair for my wedding day. It held me down!

I have to give a huge thank you to Sheena’s Hair Emporium for making my glam possible with this gorgeous hair!

-Christian Byshe






















How will you wear your hair for your big day? We want to know.


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