It’s not officially summer, but here in Arkansas, it sure feels that way. With summer comes heat, humidity and water mishaps from the pool, lake or water sprinklers. This use to be a scary time for our hair.  Now that sew-in weaves have become popular, your waterproof hair for the summer is available to you!

Once you have your sew-in installed (make sure you find a good stylist), you do have to care for it just as you would your own hair.  You have to brush it, wash it, style it and all the other hair care techniques needed to maintain your hair.  If you purchased good quality extensions, you won’t mind giving them care. A little TLC will extend their wear up to a year or more, if done right. For the summer, any curly texture is recommended.  These textures are low maintenance. They generally spring back once they get wet.

Vacation as a Curly Girl

Make it easy on yourself – vacation as a curly girl. While you are on vacation, you are likely to get in the pool or wade in the water at the beach. Guess what!?! You can get you hair wet and not worry about ruining your hairstyle.  Curly extensions are LIFE!

waterproof hair

Curly hair extensions give me LIFE!

Go to the beach, be cute and don’t worry about the water, because you are wearing your waterproof hair. Enjoy your vacation without spending too much time in the bathroom trying to pull your hair back together after a fun day at the beach or in the pool.  Go snorkeling in the ocean, hiking in the rain forest or even stand at the top of Niagara Falls.  You got this…..with curly extensions.

Edges….what edges?

With your curly extensions, edges will not concern you. No dealing with edge control or gels.  With curly hair, edges are hidden and usually blend well because more than likely your edges are not a straight texture. So, when your edges get wet, it is hard to determine where your actual hair ends and your hair extensions begin.  With minimal leave out, you can achieve the look of this being your natural hair. With minimal leave out, you’ll need a closure installed. You can use a lace or silk closure to give your scalp a natural look while frolicking in the water.

waterproof hair

My edges are good…

You don’t to worry about not being cute, because when is curly hair never cute? Make sure you have the right color hair extensions, and if yours are highlighted or dyed, blend them well into your natural color, so the color of your edges won’t matter.

Use Minimal Products

We at #TeamSHE recommend very few products.  Those that we swear by are all that we mention.  Therefore, we have found that   Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla products will help you keep your extensions moisturized after all your pool and beach time this summer. First you’ll need to wash with Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Sulfate Free Shampoo if you have not been in the pool or the salt water from the beach.  A clarifying shampoo is needed if you have been in the pool with chlorine or playing in salt water while on vacation.  Always use it immediately after swimming, because you don’t want to leave the chlorine or salt just sitting on you hair and scalp.  Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo will work just fine.  Clarifying shampoo is the only way to remove deep-down dirt and build up. Use clarifying shampoos with caution, because they strip the hair of moisture.

waterproof hair

Get that deep-down clean after swimming

Our recommendation to use it only after swimming and at the most, once a month.  You will need to deep condition with the Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner with you hair in a shower cap for at least 10 minutes. Once your time is up, simply rinse. Do not towel dry. Just squeeze the hair and let it air dry.  In the morning time, you can spray in some Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla hair oil once about half way though each week. By following these steps you’ll keep your curls popping, scalp healthy and extensions hydrated.

Enjoy your summer (read Alyssa’s reason for wearing hair extensions this summer) by heading over to Sheena’s Hair Emporium and indulge in one of the curly girl collections.

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