Hi SHE Fam, Happy Wednesday! Do you know what the Devil hates more than anything? Our individual relationship with God and our healthy relationships with other people. It’s true, the Devil intends to steal, kill and destroy and that includes our marriages, relationships and friendships.

How does he do it? He does it by adding toxins to these relationships. The toxins can be anything from insecurities, money issues, jealousy, or one of the biggest…issues stemming from poor communication.

What can I do to prevent toxins from ruining my relationships? Talk about it. God doesn’t intend for any of us to walk alone. He has placed people in your life to walk with you, pray with you and assist you in your journey. Asking God to guide us in our relationships is key to having and maintaining healthy relationships with others.

Because we are led by God in using discernment when allowing people in our lives, it’s important that we have open communication with our loved ones. This includes your friends and family. Talking through conflict can help prevent the toxins that the Devil so desperately wants, from entering your relationship.

Some years back, a friend of mine who I had gotten to know were really getting close. She and I traveled together and shared a lot with each other regarding our lives. Somewhere along the way, “he say…she say” got into the mix. In myself, I thought..”O no, this seems messy and I don’t want any parts of this.” After praying about, I was led (by God) to talk about it. After talking with my friend, we came to the conclusion that the small conflict wasn’t our problem and that we could avoid it by not letting it hinder our friendship. Today, this is one of my very best friends and I still wonder where we would be if we didn’t just talk about it.

Talking through conflict helps avoid toxins from entering your relationship. It also keeps open communication between the people in your life.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have an awesome Wednesday.


Remember when someone is referring to YOU that makes you HER. So make it important for HER to be great, because SHE is everything.