Hola SHEros! We survived a harsh winter and are now finding ourselves smack dab at the end of spring! However, As we prepare to brave the sweltering heat of the the summer, I think it’s only right I share with you some of the must haves I’ve discovered this season. Let’s dip into the four elements of fabulosity!
By now, I’m sure you’re all read up on my experience with the Beautiful Textures, Naturally Straight hair care system! This product followed through on it’s promise to turn my fro silky straight with anti-reversion of up to 7 days! I mean, I worked out, got caught in the humidity, and survived  getting dressed in the midst of my hubby’s steamy hot showers without the frizz. Results vary but if the instructions are followed carefully, this product will work for you too!
I’ve been on a long and trying journey for my search for the perfect twist-out and while I discovered I experience more definition from wet twist outs as opposed to dry, I’ve also discovered the perfect product. Enter Carol’s Daughter Styling Milk! This setting cream has a rather waxy creamy like consistency that feels like you’re applying a thick lotion to your hair so it may not feel the best but it is secretly applying optimal moisture to your hair while simultaneously providing your tresses with the definition it needs. I sit under the dryer for about an hour and thirty minutes to receive the best results.
I’m by no means a makeup guru so I will stay in my lane with this one, however, I am no stranger to quality either. I took a small break from MAC cosmetics to experiment with some over the counter foundations and while I found a few keepers, in the end, that’s exactly what they became … keeper in the back of my cabinet as a backup for when my MAC runs out lol. Now I usually opt for MAC’s Studio Tech in the NC45 tone but after my hiatus, I decided to try something new so I let the Makeup artist experiment on me as she convinced me I was a perfect candidate for the Studio Fix Fluid in my go-to shade. This foundation offers medium coverage and leaves your face very creamy and soft without the cakey-ness. Studio Fix Fluid comes in a glass container with a pump sold separately but I just take the top off and lightly pound it onto my wrist/canvas for application lol. It’s safe to say, I’ve found a new “usual” ! You can grab this product from your local MAC retailer for a cool 26.99! 🙂
Okay I cheated on the nails because truthfully I’ve been using sinful colors since before spring but I just can’t get over how awesome the price is for these unique shades that last a little over a week on natural nails! For about 2.99 or less, you can find Sinful Colors fingernail paint at just about any local Wal-Mart or Walgreens! I don’t normally venture out when it comes to nail color but it feels good to know I don’t have to always splurge on OPI or Shellac to experience the benefits of Long lasting shine and color!
There’s been a lot of talk about these waist trainers so I finally decided to invest in one! While I’m still recuperating from my consultation (lol), I do plan to throw the thing on one day but I’m procrastinating because ladies this thing is tight! In order for the trainer to be effective, measurements of your waist are taken during a consultation and you are stuffed into this spandexy corset with hooks lining the front. There are so many testimonials that claim this under garment works wonders and when worn between  8 to no more than 12 hours a day, it can actually assist  in contouring your waist (with the help of diet and exercise of course ;).
– She is her Sister’s Keeper
– Cierra Z.
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