Hi SHE Fam! TGIF! It’s been such joy to share extensive details on my view regarding the mentor/mentee relationship. This past week, I’ve shared vital information on finding a mentor and the criteria of things to consider when establishing the relationship. And whereas, the challenge of finding a mentor may seem difficult, it can be even more challenging to maintain the relationship with your mentor.

Let’s think through it. We’re all very busy and if you’re like me, it may be hard for you to find time to talk with close family and friends. Finding the time to talk with your mentor can be the most difficult part of maintaining the relationship. It’s important to remember, just as you are busy….your mentor is as well. Another prevalent aspect I find to be true as it relates to the mentor/mentee relationship is your need for the specific connection throughout your journey. Let me explain. Let’s say you are working for a company and you have a professional mentor within that company. You may see them often and they lend advice as well as guidance. What happens when you leave the company? Better yet, add one year to the time from when you left…now what’s the relationship? This may all seem far out, especially if you are in the stages of finding a mentor, but it’s so very important when trying to maintain.

All of the factors we must think about to maintain the relationship, is even more reason for you to seek God before establishing someone as your mentor. God may not intend for the person you see as a mentor to serve in that capacity. On the other hand, God may very well intend for you to have a successful relationship with the person you see fit to be your mentor. If that’s the case, I have a couple of recommendations on maintaining the relationship with your mentor.

Dedicate the time. In any relationship, you must dedicate the necessary time for it to evolve. When it comes to your mentor, it’s ideal for you to gain knowledge and share your aspirations and goals. In order to get the most out of the relationship, I recommend scheduling a call or in person meeting at least twice a month. If the schedule doesn’t permit, once a month is ideal.

Share your wins. Because a mentor has nothing to gain with their relationship with you, your wins and success are important to them. This helps them to better understand you and rate themselves on the advice and guidance offered.

Maintaining the relationship between you and your mentor is critical. I will say that as a mentee, it’s your responsibility to initiate the conversations, however the mentor must be receptive by responding and providing feedback. As mentioned in my other posts, the relationship between a mentor and mentee can be game changing. It’s important to understand the relationship intended and even more important to follow the criteria as a guide to finding the best fit for you. As you seek a mentor, remember it’s your responsibility to offer the same to someone else in what you are requesting from others.

From my inspirational corner to yours have a great Friday.


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