So you’ve managed to transform your mini Celies into a twist out masterpiece and the sun has gone down. The million dollar question is “Now that I’ve put in all of this hard work, how will I get my “do” to last me throughout the week?” It’s common for people to become frustrated with the idea of putting time into doing their hair knowing it will only last a day or two. Worry no more! The SHE fam has the ultimate guide to maintaining a fresh twist out. It just so happens that one of the  best things about this style are the various ways to preserve it.  See below to find the options that best suit your liking!

The Pineapple Technique 
 Pineappling is an excellent choice for achieving second, third, and
even fourth day hair by simply pulling the tresses up into a high ponytail with a loose scrunchy. The idea behind the method is to preserve the curls over night as the pony tail will only expose the back and sides of the hair and those beautiful curls are maintained in the middle. When the hair is taken down the following morning, the style should fall effortlessly back into place!
photo 1 (2)
If hair is too short for the pineapple technique, you can always do mini pineapples by separating hair into 3 or 4 sections and pulling them into high individual ponys. You will look a little rediculous before bed but as long as that hair is laid in the morning, who cares! 🙂
Protect hair with a satin cap! 
If the the above method is not your cup of tea, try covering the head with a silk bonnet. The bonnet will protect the hair from getting frizzy and stale over night. However, be mindful of the way you sleep with this thing on because too much pressure on one side of the head all night could result in a smashed and matted mess in the morning. ( I know it sucks)
This is probably the most tried and true method when ensuring your tresses will mirror your initial style.  All you must do is follow the pattern of how you twisted your hair originally to achieve the same results the following morning. Rewetting is not necessary, simply use a bit more of your setting solution or styling cream (oil hair for moisture if necessary). Once you’re done, throw on your bonnet or scarf and hit the sack. Chances are, you will achieve the same amazing twist out the next morning.
There is no right or wrong method to approach hair when you are trying to make the best out of a fresh style. Remember, as time progresses, more techniques will surface and before you know it, you’ll be a pro at not only the latest styles but an expert on how to preserve them as well.
We want to hear from you: Tell us how you preserve your precious tresses!