Simple and nourishing are probably the two best words to use when describing my natural hair routine for my TWA. I really want to keep everything quite simple in nature and make sure that it is benefiting my hair and scalp health at the same time. With all the ups and downs I have had with my hair up to this point, I am really ready for simplicity and truly healthy hair. My TWA hair care routine involves a few major components that help to ensure my hair is constantly moisturized, growing, and healthy.



This portion of my routine really involves me having to truly pay attention to my hair and the state it is in. I have to be able to know when my hair needs a simple splash of conditioner, an actual co-washing or shampooing. Overdoing one of these could result in limp, over conditioned, gunky hair or could leave me with crispy, moisture depleted curls. Neither is desirable.

So when I am deciding between the three above mentioned methods I look and feel my hair to see if I can feel any leftover product on my strands. This would lead me to use a cowash or maybe a bit of shampoo to cleanse that leftover product out. Product buildup can lead to dryness because it eventually coats your entire strand and blocks all moisture from getting in. Does my scalp feel itchy or is my hair dry and kind of hard to the touch? This would lead me to use conditioner instead because my hair is already a bit dry and in need of moisture.

My favorite cleansers are Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Shampoo, As I Am Cowash, and Creme of Nature Argan Oil Cowash.


Conditioning is most important when I use a shampoo because I have removed my hair’s natural oils during that process. So after shampooing, I always condition with a rinse out product to give my hair some reinforcements and replace any moisture that was removed. I also deep condition from time to time. This really depends on what I have been doing to my hair. If my routine has only involved co – washing and light product usage, I won’t be as anxious to deep condition.

If I have been exposed to a lot of cold air or just feel like my hair is incredibly dry after wearing a wig, then deep conditioning is definitely needed to restore my hair and prevent my hair from breaking or falling out.

My favorite deep conditioner is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla DC.


My hair is really short right now so styling is no biggie. I try to avoid products that are going to leave excessive residue, dry or make my hair hard. I usually use curl jelly type products because they give me definition without having to disturb my curls too much. Plus they usually add a bit of shine which is pretty nice as well.

Stylers are an important part of the process because they can make or break you. If a styler is full of a bunch of gunk or harsh chemicals, it is going to pretty much undo all the hard work you put in before getting to that point. So I’m very selective and strategic with my styler choice.

My current favorite stylers are ORS Curl Boosting Jelly, Creme of Nature Twirling Custard and Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker.

Styling a TWA should be simple and fun, not a burden. So keep it light and just try to enjoy your journey!


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