The natural hair movement and industry has birthed a whole new set of female entrepreneurs that are simultaneously holding it down at home while running entire businesses. Some of us may look at these women and swear they are freaks of nature. I mean who has time like that right?




I know on a day to day basis, I am trying my best to manage my full time job, my marriage, my child, and my various side hustles. It is a lot to handle (and as you probably already guessed) it is not as easy as some may make it appear. Let’s lay out the truth about being a momapreneur.

The truth is that being a Momapreneur is probably one of the most fulfilling (yet stressful) tasks I have ever taken on. Sometimes it overwhelms me with so much satisfaction and joy. Being a black female entrepreneur with children has opened me up to a beautiful community of loving and understanding women. Every time I go to a natural hair event or connect with someone else on social media, I am building a bond with another likeminded woman who genuinely understands the journey and the pursuit of success while keeping family at the center of it all.

It’s really a beautiful thing

On the other hand, it has proven to be one of my greatest tests as an adult. Being a momapreneur has pushed me at times when I thought I wasn’t quite capable of handling the pressure. Being a mother is a nonstop commitment that does not take into account my moods or level of motivation for the day (It just is what it is for that day).

Entrepreneurship is much the same. The demands of being a business owner continue regardless of where you are emotionally or mentally that day.

However, the pressure does groom you molding you into a greater and more resilient being. With every round of adversity, tests, and trials you develop a keener business sense, hone your skills, and learn to respond to each situation with increased wisdom and confidence. I can honestly say that taking on the responsibility of being a momapreneur has given me more purpose than a 9 to 5 job ever could. I feel pride in what I do and what I am able to accomplish all while nurturing my little human. Being a momapreneur is an important and worthwhile journey for me and something I definitely would not change.

I am definitely still learning how to navigate being a momapreneur. I have just recently learned not expect it to simply fall into place. Sometimes, you will have to strategize and legitimately plot and plan so that your life can have some semblance of order and not be a completely chaotic train wreck. Life can get downright crazy with all of the commitments and hats that you wear as a momapreneur.

It all becomes a little easier to handle when I sit down and remind myself that I am one of many. I am not alone in this pursuit and I can reach out to one of my fellow momapreneurs for advice or a listening ear whenever I am feeling rundown.


-Christian Byshe

We want to hear from you. Are you or someone you know a momapreneur? How do you navigate it all?