Some women feel in order to achieve a flawless look, their only option is to locate the most expensive name brand makeup they can find but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I happen to believe the most high quality brands can be found right down the street at your neighborhood drug store. See below for a few of my “must haves”!



IMAN Cosmetics is the brainchild of (you guessed it) Iman. The company launched in 1994 with the concept that women of color needed a line of cosmetics that catered to our unique and widely varied complexions. This is the main reason why I am a repeat customer of IMAN and why I adore the product line. There is one specific product that I am just head over heels for and that is the IMAN Second to None Stick Foundation.

Prior to discovering the product, I had a great deal of trouble finding a foundation that suited my combination skin. More importantly, I could not find a product that would hold up throughout the day without making me look like I slathered my face with Vaseline. After wearing the Iman foundation for a couple weeks, I noticed not only was I pleased with the coverage, but I was also in awe of the staying power. SHEfam this is makeup that I can go to the club in, sweat in, and STILL look glam. Now you know that’s a winner!

I also adore how affordable this product is. I usually grab my foundation from Target for about 14.99 every month and a half.

Iman has other amazing products as well that I can’t wait to try but for now, the foundation has completely sold me.


NYX is another huge favorite of mines. I think the name is so adorable. It’s actually derived from Greek mythology and means goddess of the night. Since I definitely want to look like a goddess when I am out and about, I can say that NYX products meet my expectations and more at an excellent price point.

I have accumulated a couple favorite products from this company, I’ve been a customer for a few years so I’ll just cover a few of my faves!

  • NYX lip liners – Top the list for me because of the quality! They’re super inexpensive as well so I just can’t beat that plus they have a wide range of color options that match most lipsticks.
  • NYX eye shadow palettes I’m a sucker for these as well! (Specifically the Dream Catcher and Love in Paris editions). These palettes really bring together some gorgeous colors and the quality is pretty great.

Over the years I have also tried individual eye shadows, blushes, and various other things. It’s pretty hard to resist NYX products because of the price point!



ELF or Eyes Lips and Face was the first brand of makeup I ever purchased. I still have ELF brushes though I have recently started investing in higher end brushes. I adore ELF because it’s great for a beginner. You cannot beat that $1 price tag ladies! (The blending brush is my personal Favorite)

My favorite product from ELF is most definitely the liquid eye liner. I’ve been using it for years and I love it because it is super easy to apply and it’s available in a deep dark black. This liner serves up cat eye realness!



Wet-n-Wild is another brand I used early on in my makeup experimenting days. I still love some of the eye shadow palettes and I always check out their lipstick line because they have GAWJUS shades!

They are currently collaborating with Fergie on lipstick shades and the colors in their Center Stage collection are serious stunners. Once again, the price point is perfect for this makeup brand as well (especially for newbies)



 Last but certainly not least, LA Girl. This company holds a special place in my heart because they are solely responsible for ridding my face of those terrible under eye garbage bags, (oops I meant circles). I just can’t gush enough over how much I adore the LA Girl Pro Concealer. This product covers my blemishes and conceals discoloration sooo well and the range of shades offered is awe worthy.

What I love even more, are the crazy low prices. The price on their site says $5 but I usually purchase it from beauty supply stores for $2.99.

So there you have it lovies! My list of drug store beauty brands that serve up quality without making a dent in your wallet. I really hope this was beneficial!


We Want to Hear From You! Please share your experiences with the products in the comments section below ladies. I would love to hear what you have to say!