Styling a TWA is supposed to be easy, but sometimes finding the right products to achieve that simple style just doesn’t go as smoothly as expected. I’ve definitely tried my fair share of products and through it all, 3 products have pretty much remained at the forefront when it comes to wash n go jelly stylers. When I say jelly stylers, I am talking about the products that resemble hair gel, not creams or butters. Let’s get into my Top 3 TWA Jelly Stylers.

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Creme of Nature Argan Oil Twirling Custard

Even though these are listed in no particular order, I have to say that this product is hands down one my favorites in my arsenal. It is for sure a holy grail product. The Creme of Nature Twirling Custard is the perfect consistency for wash n go’s because it is watery and loose enough to easily be worked into wet curls without disturbing their placement. This product wins again because it moisturizes the hair as well as styling it. There are so many gel products out that will give you curl definition but leave your hair hard and dry which leads to damage. Creme of Nature Twirling Custard keeps my hair hydrated and beautiful. It also combines well with other products and that leads me to my next holy grail styler.

Hello Coily Curlicue Custard

The curlicue custard is quite fabulous on its own but as of late, I have been combining it with my Twirling custard because together, they give my hair the exact look I am going for. Hello Coily is a fabulous product because a little really goes a long way. I only use a nickel sized amount of the jelly to style my curls and I am left with soft (yet defined curls). I really adore Hello Coily Curlicue Custard even more because it doesn’t leave any product buildup on my hair. I think we have all used products that let us down and resulted in awful dandruff like buildup towards the end of the day which is a total no go.

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

This product right here pretty much opened me up the world of jelly wash n go stylers. Before that, I hadn’t really used many and didn’t know how much my hair would love them. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker is a bit different from the first two products. I use this product when I am going for a very defined look. I also don’t really combine this with anything else because it can leave some buildup depending on what you mix it with. I love that the Curl Maker leaves my hair hydrated because like I said, a cute style means nothing if your hair is damaged and parched afterwards.

Alright ladies, there it is, my Holy Grail list of TWA jelly stylers. I had been loving on these products in secret and I really wanted to share them with you all in case anyone else was on the hunt for a great new wash-n-go friendly product.


Are any of these products in your arsenal? We want to know.