Have you heard the saying, “A woman’s hair is her crown”? Well, I believe it to be true and there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day, right? Weaves and extensions have become very popular in today’s world. Whether you’re adding clip-ins to your hair for extra volume or getting a full sewn in weave, there are a few things to consider in order to maintain a flawless finish. Here are some helpful tips to ensure fabulousity with your new hair!

When it comes to weaves and extensions, I don’t necessarily think there’s such a thing as “good hair.” However, I believe you get what you pay for so it’s important to research the hair company prior to making your purchase. (Check out Sheena’s Hair Emporium for fabulous Virgin hair.) I’m an avid fan of investing in amazing virgin hair. It is my personal favorite because its unprocessed and able to be transformed however you desire without having been processed prior to receiving it. If you aren’t able to afford virgin hair, there are still some things that you could do to help prolong the longevity of whatever hair you use.

Get a PROfessional


Nothing screams, “bad weave” like one that’s been applied by a novice! Taking time to find the right hair stylist will literally mean the difference between fab and scary! 😉 No matter how much money you spend on your hair, get a PRO that you can trust to take care of your hair needs! Choosing to get a professional stylist will pay for itself because you won’t have to go back numerous times to fix the mistakes your novice girlfriend made in her kitchen.

Put a Scarf on it!


I know Ladies, your Boo hates when you come to bed with your bonnet on, right? Well, tell him to get over it! 😉 One of the most popular things I’ve heard women say is that they don’t tie their hair up when they go to bed. It’s never a good idea to just let it go. Find a sassy hair bonnet or scarf to keep your locs fresh while you sleep! Satin caps are always a great choice; your hair will love them too!

Is it clean?


It’s always important to ensure that hair is sanitized prior to installing your hair extensions. Often times, large hair companies use pesticides in their hair to negate bugs from getting too comfy while the hair is being shipped to Beauty Supply Stores and other hair vendors. These pesticides can cause scalp irritation or infection. To avoid any irritation, make sure your hair is clean. Sulfate free shampoos are generally the best way to go! Check out your local drugstore for great inexpensive shampoos that are sure to meet your hair needs.

Comb it!


While some may actually believe that your gorgeous extensions will stay flawless, whether we comb them or not, that’s not actually true. Part of maintaining great weaves and extensions is combing through the hair to prevent tangling. Nothing is worse than a matted weave! Ugh! Wide toothed combs, Denman brushes, and large paddle brushes are some of my favorites for taming my tresses. When combing the hair, it’s important to start at the ends first, then work your way up to your roots. If you do this in reverse, it will shed tremendously.



One of the best things you can do is condition your hair. This step should not be skipped! It doesn’t require spending loads of money either. In fact, some of the best hair conditioners cost less than $10! Conditioning helps to add moisture back into your hair after washing it. It replenishes the hair and protects it from added damage. One of my conditioner must haves is by Pantene Pro-V. It was only $5 from my local drugstore! Always check the sale’s racks for great deals on conditioners.

There are tons of other things that you could do to maintain a flawless weave but these are just a few examples of things I always do when wearing hair extensions. I hope this was helpful!

As always, stay BreezynFAB! Xoxo


We want to hear from you! What are some of your hair maintenance tips? Leave your thoughts!