I saw the  “This or That Beauty Tag” floating around on the internet and I thought it would be fun to do! I’m tagging all of my fellow SheBloggers to write on this tag as well!


→ Makeup

Blush or Bronzer: Bronzer. I can’t get enough of the sun-kissed look!

Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipstick for sure! I was strictly a lipgloss girl for a LONG time until I discovered MAC!

Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara! An eye look feels incomplete without it.

Foundation or Concealer: I only wear concealer on a day-to-day basis. I’ve only worn Foundation when I competed in a pageant!

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow: Neutral, although I do love some dramatic colors every now and then.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows: Pressed, loose eye shadows get everywhere!

Brushes or Sponges: Brushes!

→ Nails

O.P.I or China Glaze: O.P.I. has a better formula, but China Glaze is cheaper with a formula that’s not bad! I’d say it’s a tie.

Long or Short: Long, for sure.

Acrylic or Natural: Acrylic, because I’m a nail biter. It’s hard for me to keep the length.

Brights or Darks: Darks!

Flower or No Flower: No flower.

→ Body

Perfume or Body Splash: I prefer perfume, but I’m currently only using Body Splash.

Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion! Body butter gets annoying and can dry out.

Body wash or Soap: Body Wash!

LUSH or Other Bath Company: Bath and Body Works!

→ Fashion

Jeans or Sweat pants: This is a tough one! I’ll say jeans.

Long sleeve or Short: Long sleeves!

Dresses or Skirts: Dresses!

Stripes or Plaid: Stripes. I own more striped shirts than anything else.

Flip flops or Sandals: Flip Flops because I could live in my Rainbows.

Scarves or Hats: Hats! I love a good beanie.

Studs or Dangly Earrings: Studs, but I prefer Hoops over both.

Necklaces or Bracelets: Necklaces

Heels or Flats: Flats for sure.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Cowboy boots! I’m a Southern Girl through and through.

Jacket or Hoodie: Hoodie! Or better yet, a sweatshirt!

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21

Abercombie or Hollister: If I had to choose, Abercrombie

Saks 5th or Nordstrom: Nordstrom

→ Hair

Curly or Straight: Depends on my mood! I’ll say curly.

Bun or Ponytail: Bun! I can’t remember the last time I wore a ponytail

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Bobby pins!! Butterfly clips?! LOL

Hair spray or Gel: Gel for those edges

Long or Short: LONGGG

Light or Dark: Dark!!

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs: Side sweep!

Up or Down: Down

→ Random

Rain or Shine: Shine!

Summer or Winter: Winter

Fall or Spring: Fall

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

East coast or West coast: East


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This was such a fun tag to do! As you can see from my answers, I’m definitely a plain jane when it comes to a lot of things. Make sure you’re following me on my social media accounts:

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