I have been rocking with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer for majority of this year now. Before buying the primer, I really didn’t use much of anything on my skin prior to makeup application. I would just apply my foundation right onto my skin. Of course this resulted in gunky, oily, messy looking makeup after wearing my foundation for an hour or two (thanks to my oily skin).



That is probably why I just never really wore foundation prior to buying the Smashbox Primer. I really just thought my skin was not capable of looking healthy and natural with foundation on it.

Now that I have been wearing the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and after wearing this primer in all types of weather and with various makeup applications, I can finally give my full and complete opinion of the product and thoroughly explain why I am TOTALLY in love with this product.

This primer pretty much opened the door to the makeup world for me. Like I said, prior to getting the product, I just swore off foundation and decided full coverage would never be my thing.

Now I am able to wear liquid foundation without looking oily and my makeup stays put throughout the day. I used to notice excessive separation and settling around my nose, on my chin and under my eyes. All of that settling made me look old and like a cake face. (It wasn’t good)

My makeup now maintains a lovely matte, line free finish throughout the entire day without having to touch up my makeup. This primer has stood up to a Chicago summer and kept my makeup on fleek for hours through hot events and flash photography.

When I use this primer, I like to prep my face first because the primer can have a very dry feeling to it because it’s oil free. I usually spritz my face with my ELF mist and set spray just to rejuvenate my skin. I then apply a tiny amount of the primer to my oily areas. This is primarily my nose, chin and forehead. I also like to apply the primer to my cheekbones and under eye. I place it on my under eye area because I wear a lot of makeup in that region. I usually apply foundation then I add my concealers to brighten the area up and a setting powder goes on top of all of that.

Applying the primer gives the products something to hold on to and keeps everything from sliding around.

Once I have my foundation applied, I usually set my liquid foundation with my NYX Set it Don’t Fret it powder because it gets rid of that draggy feeling that liquid foundation can create and it freezes my foundation in position. These two products in tandem result in flawless makeup for me every time without fail.

The primer is a bigger win because one container of it last forever. I am nowhere near emptying my Smashbox container and I have been using it for over half the year


– Christian


We want to hear from you! Have you tried the Smashbox Photofinish Primer? What do you think of it?