Hello SHE Family – Should Children wear hair extensions?

The SHE Team doesn’t only focus on adults, Our goal is to be a resource for young ladies as well. This topic may be a bit controversial to some and to some it may be a “no brainer”…the question is “Should children wear hair extensions? Why or Why not?” What we’ve come to realize is that there is not a definite answer for this and there is no right or wrong answer – due to special circumstances.

We’re sure that at some point when we were all younger, we dreamed of having long, luxurious hair. If you were lucky, you may have had the chance to prance around in your mother, grand-mother or even your aunts wig! LOL! From a talk that we had with women who have daughters ranging from ages 9 to 18, we found that overall, they did not agree with younger girls, under the age of 15 wearing hair extensions. We did have some mothers who have children who are in dance class, cheer-leading and other activities such as pageants and other sports where they allow their young child to wear weave – for those circumstances only.

We did find a trend in seeing that the type of weave mattered as well. Most of these women saw nothing wrong with younger girls wearing weave, if it was in the form of braids. We found this to be something that these moms considered a convenience for them. So, we dug a bit and asked the question: “Weave is weave, right? So…what’s the difference between braids and braids with a sew-in?” As expected, the moms explained the maintenance that would be required with a child wearing a sew-in and the fact that some things just aren’t appropriate for girls at that age. These moms who did allow their children to wear weave (in the form of corn-rolls or twist) explained that sometimes it’s hard to get children ready for school, especially as a single mother. They believe that their child wearing these styles saves them time and gives them a less hectic morning when they are on the go.

So, what age is okay for a child to start wearing weave? Again, we don’t have a definite answer but all of these women agreed that 16 would be an age that they would consider allowing their daughter to wear weave (in the form of a sew-in for additional length or fullness) because at that age, they should be able to maintain their own hair. Early years are so vital for young girls. We also had a mom that felt that if her daughter was old enough to work, buy her own extensions and keep them maintained that she wouldn’t have a problem with it. “I think that it’s important to make sure that your child understands at a young age that it’s okay to wear their natural hair. As they grow older, hopefully, they will remember that, and even if they do choose to wear weave, they’ll understand that they don’t HAVE to have it.” says one of the moms.

Like many questions similar to what is and isn’t the correct way to manage these sorts of situations with your child – we don’t have the exact answer. What we do know is that we promote the uplifting of all women, regardless of the age.

We encourage both our women and girls to embrace and enhance their natural beauty. We are all our own definition of beautiful and we want our SHE family to always feel beautiful in all forms – and whatever YOUR beautiful is, be that!

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