You all know that this go round with my TWA I have had many revelations. My latest would definitely have to be my ability to feel totally sexy with my short little curls. If you would have caught me a few years ago I would have never chosen to wear my TWA to a function or out for the night. I would have grabbed a wig because I felt hair directly correlated to sexiness. Well I have evolved ladies, I feel sexy with this TWA.

I am always talking about self confidence and being happy with your appearance because that has been an area of much needed growth for me and I have definitely come a long way yet I still have a way to go. The one thing I have realized though is that I have to celebrate small mind shift changes because those are signs of progress, signs that I am growing so yeah, I’m celebrating.

Feeling sexy with a TWA places a woman in a category all her own. Having long hair is pretty closely related to femininity and therefore longer hair is closely aligned with beauty. Shorter hair or fades are more commonly a man’s style and I think that is why some people can be thrown off by the idea of woman choosing to rock a shorter hair cut.

Hey, I even through my soon to be husband off when I re-chopped my natural hair, he was so in love with my longer hair so when I cut it completely down to a taper fade, he was thrown off. He had gotten used to seeing me a certain way, so when I no longer looked that way, it kind of bugged him. That was an issue for me. It started to pull some of those old insecurities right back up to the surface because once again I had no hair to hide behind.

Well it’s been some months now and I just don’t feel self conscious about my cute little bald head anymore, I feel so beautiful. That feeling comes from my own self acceptance and learning to appreciate my features, like I’ve spoken about in previous posts. It also comes from other people’s appreciation and reactions to my hair. After the initial cut, people’s harsh comments really slowed down and now I receive way more positive feedback than negative.

My ability to feel sexy with my TWA didn’t came from within though. I had to like how I looked and find myself appealing first and foremost. I can’t expect my future hubby to be all hype about my hair if I’m super unsure and self conscious about it myself. That sends the wrong message.

So I decided to hold my bald little head high and smile with the best of them because this is who I am and more importantly who I have chosen to be.

How do you feel about your TWA? Does your hubby or significant other like it? We want to know.

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