After I got my freshly installed sew-in (as you can see in the post) I had to make a trip to the store and stock up on the essentials I would need! If I don’t have each of these things, my sew-in will be harder to manage. The following are some essentials I absolutely need once I have a sew-in.

Scalp Soother: I have a VERY dry scalp. It was even worse when I had a relaxer. But for some reason, when I have braids or a sew-in, my scalp gets so itchy! To avoid just ripping the tracks out altogether, I use the Scalp Soother that you can purchase from the Sheena’s Hair Emporium website. It’s gentle and flexible enough to get in between the braids and tracks, but it really does soothe your scalp!

Edge Control: I have natural hair, so edge control is a must when I’m wearing straight extensions. I love Design Essentials Edge Control and Curls Control Paste to lay my edges down so my natural hair texture won’t be in such stark contrast with the Virgin Indian Straight Hair.

Conditioner: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil is ideal because it works SO well on my extensions as well as my natural hair. A lot of conditioners only work for one or the other, but this one makes my natural hair and my extensions super soft and shiny! It is a bit on the pricey side, though so try to catch the sales.

Flat Iron: This might be dependent on the type of hair you get installed. I currently have the Virgin Indian Straight Hair installed, but after I wash it, it does get a little wave pattern. I’m someone who usually likes their straight hair bone straight, so I run the flat iron through my hair at least once a day. I know, that’s bad, but it’s another reason I opted for a sew-in instead of blowing my natural hair out hair this summer!

Garnier Fructis Anti Frizz Serum: I love this stuff. It really gives your hair a nice shine and protects it from the elements. This will be ideal for hair that might get frizzy or dry, (like a body wave or kinky curly hair). I use it on my ends since my hair is bleached.

Flexi Rods: On the off chance that I do want my straight hair to be curly or wavy, I use flexi rods. The hair that I have installed now holds curls for the entire day, so I have to make sure that I roll my hair just right, otherwise I’ll be stuck with it!

A Hair Tie: This is a given, but not something I usually think about when wearing my natural hair. I always have to keep a hair tie around my wrist, for when I just want my hair out of my face. It’s so annoying to need to put your hair up for a second and you don’t have a hair tie and neither does anyone else around you!

Well ladies, there you have it, my must have Sew-in essentials!

Did I skip any sew-in essentials? What are the things you absolutely need to maintain your sew-in? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

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