Thinning edges is a battle I have been fighting for quite some time. Stress, alopecia and then poor hair care at times all caused my edges to thin periodically or fall completely out. So I amFullSizeRender no stranger to having bald temples as you can see from the picture to the left. If you want to read more about my journey with alopecia, you can click HERE. Instead of simply accepting it like I have done in the past. I actually used to think that bald temples were a part of my natural hairline shape. Yeah not the case at all. I am just now realizing that I am actually capable of having hair grow on my temples. Crazy right, well now I am quite obsessed with growing that hair back and I am happy to share with you all how I have been doing just that.

How to Regrow Thinning Edges

So when I realized I didn’t have to accept my thin non-existent fragile edges, I decided to do ¬†some reflection. I had to really sit back and think about all the things that I had been doing that may have been causing my edges to thin. There were a multitude of reasons that I quickly thought of. There was my lack of water consumption and we all know how important drinking water is to our hair. If our bodies are parched and water deprived then our hair will be as well. I also realized that I wasn’t really using any hair products that were geared towards treating hair breakage. Last but certainly not least, was my wig wearing. When I wore wigs, I would first place a stocking cap on my head and then place my wig on. The stocking cap was actually leaching moisture out of my hair and then sometimes I would go 3 plus days without applying any moisture to my hair.

After realizing all of that and then adding in the fact that I do have alopecia and that I was a bit stressed, it’s no wonder that my edges were jumping ship. I’d leave too!

I literally had to overall my hair care routine so that I could give my edges a fighting chance so here is how I care for my hair now.

1. Moisture

I wash my hair once a week with conditioner and I only use shampoo when I feel my hair has product buildup. Whenever I am in the shower, I wet my hair lightly just so that it can get some actual water on it and I add my Dr. Miracle’s Daily Anti-Breakage Strengthening Cream to my hair while it is still damp. Sometimes in the morning I will even add a bit more to my hair, focusing on my edges because I know they dry out the quickest.

2. Seal

This is another new aspect of my routine. Since I know my edges need that extra help. I follow up with Castor Oil on this area. I take a small amount and gently massage it into my temples and along my hair line. I really feel that this helps keep the moisture locked in to my hair.

3. Protection

Last but certainly not least, I make sure that I sleep in a satin scarf every night and that I use a satin dome cap under my stocking caps when wearing a wig. Satin will not dry my hair the way the stocking caps would so that extra protection keeps the caps from sucking my hair dry during the day.


So there it is. Check out my results so far. Baby I have edges. They are still thickening up but at least I have scalp coverage and on both sides. I’m so excited.


Do any of you struggle with thin edges? How do you manage? We want to know.