Well I’ve been dabbling in a little bit of makeup, buying things here and there. I am pretty much a novice so that means I am not quite as comfortable with investing goo gobs of money into makeup products just yet (Baby steps right?) So when I started experimenting, I realized my results were suffering and I finally narrowed it down to my lack of brushes. I was using one brush to do like 10 jobs… that’s not okay.

I realized I needed new brushes but I also knew I wasn’t ready for the MAC dive (nor Sephora) because they are both pretty pricey. So I did some research and polled my Instagram family to see what brands they preferred. I kept hearing and seeing the name “Real Techniques” so that is how I ended up with the Real Techniques Core Collection.

The Collection

This collection of brushes include 4 of the main brushes that you will need to create a flawless face. There is a detailer brush for precise application of concealers or lipsticks. There is also a pointed foundation brush that can be used for applying foundation in hard to reach areas and for applying concealer to the under eye area. The next brush in this kit is a buffing brush that can be used to apply powder or mineral foundation and the last brush is the contouring brush that is made for use with highlighting or contouring products.

What I Think

Okay if you don’t know, I am a bit of a cheapie so I was immediately attracted to that young price tag loves. I love a deal, a bargain, a two for one special… ah let me stop, you get my drift. So yes the Real Techniques Core Collection will only set you back about $20 depending on where you grab it from, you may be able to buy it for even less. That is a win for me okay!

This collection wins even more points from me because of the softness of the bristles. When I use these brushes on my face, they glide over my skin and make product application a breeze. I don’t have to force it and that makes my day.

My Favorite Brush

My favorite brush out of this collection would have to be the pointed foundation brush (I know random right?) Let me explain. I have some pretty outrageous under eye lines for whatever reason so when I apply my under eye concealers, I can easily end up with a mess where my fine lines are even more emphasized instead of being minimized. With this brush, I can gently apply product accurately in the desired area without making a total mess. It gets the job done baby!

So yes my loves the Real Techniques Core Collection saved me some major coins because now I can get amazing results without having to blow my Sephora budget out of the water.


What is your favorite beauty budget buy? We want to know.

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