Unless you were buried under a rock or a Beyonce hater (WHATEVS TO YOU), you know that Nicki Minaj and Beyonce finally dropped their “Feeling Myself” video exclusively on TIDAL. Let me say when Bey does something….anything, the world stops.


pretty on fleek


The video portrayed them having loads of fun…in sunny side Coachella, none the less. Suddenly, I’m all like “Next girls trip is COACHELLA!” I’m pretty sure after you watched the video, you wanted to recreate the fun filled weekend yourselves.  Mark my word – everyone will be trying to get there this summer.

I’ll be the first to say that I was not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj but my homegirl, Bey (eveyone’s homegirl) proved to us that Nicki deserves a chance. And to that I say, ” She has my attention.” Pretty on Fleek was definitely an understatement.

Pretty was on fleek, on fleek, on fleek.

pretty on fleek


Yep! These two women were gorgeous and original with their fun, clothing choices and of course, with their hair.


Braid Outs Are Sexy

Nicki’s hair was so cute in this style that reflects a braid out on her extensions.  This is a super cute summer look that can easily be achieved by braiding the hair into jumbo braids, applying a leave-in moisturizer and putting on a silk bonnet at night OR you can hunt down Nicki’s glam squad, raise capital to pay them and get the look.  In any case, I have found some tutorials on a braid out that will help you, once you realize that her glam squad is probably not within your reach: see here, here and here.

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It was cute when she pulled it up into a messy ponytail.  Messy is made cute, once again. Nicki’s braid out is fly.

pretty on fleek

When you and your BFF feeling’ yourself


Long Tresses Always Rule

Beyonce’s tresses were in a common style she wears often – middle part, brown color and tousled hair past her boobs.  I love how she let’s Nicki shine in this video with her hair changes, yet her look pretty much stayed neutral.  You can have Bey’s look.  Add in some extensions, after they have been dyed to perfection, give them a tousled look with a big curling iron and WA-LAH! You are Beyonce!  Here are your tousled hair tutorials: see here and here.


pretty on fleek

Go burn your flower crown


That High Bun, Tho…

The bun is going EVERYWHERE! You can wear a bun to a formal event and it appears you can even get away with it on the side of the interstate and still be DOPE! This is the easiest style to perfect and make all your own.  All you need is to pull your hair up into a high ponytail, smooth your edges with your favorite edge control (Get your Kera Care Edge Tamer here) and pin up the hair into a round circle of the base of your ponytail.  Secure it with bobby pins.  No tutorial, needed.  You got this!

pretty on fleek

My high bun is so DOPE!



Ponytails are a Girls Best Friend

Nicki even wore a high ponytail.  When her hair is pulled back and high up, her face seems to glow.  She is a very pretty lady and I just get emotional when I see her flawless skin. That ponytail and the these two playing on kid floaties just made me want to take off work and go play with my best friend.  OMG! I am SO Beyonce’s and Nicki’s BFF, right now!

pretty on fleek

Let’s squirt er’body!


pretty on fleek

Girl, I’m telling you it was crazy!


I tried to link the video but it seems all the sites that posted the original have now been yanked.  You’ll have to join TIDAL to see it again. In the meantime you can view this link that has snippets of VERY fun times.


-Eyona, Official Member of the Bey-Hive