We all know that removing a sew-in can be an all day process! However, no matter how pretty your sew-in looks, sometimes your scalp is just too itchy, it’s been in for longer than a few months, or you’re just ready to feel your real hair again. This process can be tedious, but the below tips can help the process go by as smoothly as possible!

Make sure you have the whole day: I mean, like the entire day! There’s nothing worse than trying to take your sew-in out and you only have two hours. You’ll end up rushing and getting impatient with your potentially tangled hair or worse (you may end up accidentally cutting it instead of cutting the thread)!

Good Scissors: Make sure you have scissors that aren’t dull to cut the thread (Maybe not the sharpest scissors in your kitchen, but don’t use kiddie scissors either).

A Good Movie/TV Show: When I’m taking out my weave, I love to watch my favorite YouTube gurus or a good, long movie. It takes your mind off of the tedious process and is a great way to catch up on some TV shows or videos you may have missed!

Clarifying Shampoo: Once you take out your sew-in and undo your braids, your hair is probably dirty. You need a really good clarifying (not moisturizing) shampoo to get rid of the dandruff, edge control, and anything else that might be on top of your hair.

Deep Conditioner: After a sew-in, I would suggest doing a deep conditioner for 10-30 minutes to really restore the moisture in your hair.

I’ve only ever had sew-ins as a natural and never had to experience the take-down from a relaxed perspective so the next few tips are for girls taking down their sew-ins to greet their afros!

For naturals:

Detangler- This is a MUST (especially if you have thick hair like me). There’s nothing worse than trying to yank through an afro that has been braided down for months. Find your BEST detangler and use it to gently comb through your coils (Expect a LOT of shedding from this!)

Creamy Twist out Crème- I recommend a crème for twisting or styling my hair after having a sew-in because crèmes give me the most definition and moisture. After any type of manipulation, my hair seems to lack definition and moisture, so a cream styler is usually the best bet for me!

Oils-This is another VERY important step. PLEASE SEAL YOUR ENDS WITH YOUR OIL OF CHOICE. This prevents breakage (which is especially good since your hair has been locked up for a few months and your ends might be weaker than before).

I hope I’ve covered everything that can make your take down go as smoothly as possible! Do you have any tips for taking down a sew-in that I might have missed? If so, leave it in the comments section so others can see!

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Cierra Zeno