I’m getting a sew-in tomorrow for the first time in about 8 months! Here’s everything I did (and recommend that you do) to get that new look you desire and a successful install.

Decide What You Want: Do you want a bob or long hair? Curly, wavy, or straight? Do you want color? A silk or lace closure? Side or middle part? Deciding what type of look you want to go for is the most important part! Make sure you are set on a hairstyle before moving on to any of the other steps.

Find PICTURES: When I was telling my friends about the hairstyle I wanted, none of them really understood until I showed them a picture. You don’t want the same thing to happen with your hairstylist! Sometimes, descriptions aren’t enough—what might be short to you might not be short to your hair stylist. What might be auburn to you might not be auburn to your hairstylist. Search Pinterest, YouTube, or even the hairstylist’s Instagram to find pictures of the exact hairstyle you want so there won’t be any confusion!

Order Your Hair! If you’re ordering virgin hair online (Like from Sheena’s Hair Emporium) You want to place the order ASAP to ensure that it will be there the day you book your appointment. It’s so nerve-wrecking to book an appointment before ordering hair, then end up hoping your hair will arrive in time! Also, make sure that the site you’re ordering from is a reputable one. Watch and read reviews because you don’t want to be stuck with bad hair!

Book Your Appointment: I know that some hairstylists fill up super fast and you may have to book months in advance (in which case, it’s understandable to book your appointment before ordering your hair). If you are getting your hair done for an event, or a holiday where the shop might be busier than usual, do this step way early on! If not, make sure you have your hair and other items ready for the next available appointment. What if your stylist says she has an opening for the next day? You want to already have everything together!


Wash and Detangle Your Real Hair and Bundles: THIS might be the most important part of the process. I’m natural and tender-headed, so if my hair isn’t thoroughly detangled, my install will be VERY painful when it’s time for them to braid my hair down! I make sure I co-wash and comb through my bundles a night or two before so they can be completely dry for the install. I shampoo and deep condition my real hair, blow dry it, and put it in plaits the night before, so that it can be stretched and easy to manage for the sew-in.

What do you do to prepare for your sew-ins? Tell us in the comments? What other posts would like to see regarding sew-ins? we would love to know.

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