SHE Fam….I have a question, how often do you wash your hair? This becomes the instant table topic when a group of women get together. Okay, maybe just my friends. I have a diverse group of friends, especially as it relates to hair. I’ve posted previously about Why You Should Switch Your Shampoo and Conditioner, now it’s time to dive into how often you should wash your hair.

This topic came about in a recent discussion between me and my girlfriends when I admitted to washing my hair 2-3 times a week. Now… this depends on my activity and how much time I spend sweating in the gym, however the consequence of not washing my hair is greasy, nasty hair. My friends thought this was absurd and suggested that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Whereas, I do when it comes to certain things, I beg to differ when it comes to washing my hair.

Now let me play devil’s advocate for a second and say that there is a such thing as washing your hair too much. My stylist says that there are guidelines on how much one should consider shampooing. Her point, similar to my own is that it depends on hair type. The thicker your hair is, the longer you can go without washing it. The thinner your hair is, the more you can afford to wash it (just not daily).

My hair is very fine and gets oily really fast. I’ve attempted to use dry shampoo, however, it doesn’t work well for me. I used Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Shampoo, and although it absorbed some oil, it left my hair feeling hard. I don’t think that any dry shampoo can replace water.

So what makes me go from work to the sink with my shampoo and conditioner? Below are three signs that I need to wash my hair.

1. Many stylists and hair experts say that the natural oils produced by your hair aren’t bad and can actually help with styling. And whereas, this may be true, those oils also turn into a greasy look with a bad smell. If I can scratch my hair and smell anything outside of a specific product, then I’m going to wash it.

2. When my hair won’t lay right or I can’t achieve a certain look because of my hair being too oily, I immediately wash it. Again, because my hair is thin, it doesn’t take long for the oil formed in my scalp to saturate my hair. After day 3 of washing my hair, I can tell that the oil is changing my style. I refuse to add heat to oily hair and rollers won’t work when my hair is greasy.

3. If my scalp itches consistently, washing my hair will add immediate relief. This doesn’t happen as much as it once did, but an itchy scalp will still force a wash. I hate scratching my scalp in public and we all know that constant scratching equals flakes. The itchy scalp can come from products or being too dry. Finding the right conditioner can help to eliminate a dry scalp. Remember, products play more of a role in washing your hair than actual water does.

These are the things that trigger me to wash my hair multiple times in a week. Again, some of this can very well derive from my activity in the gym or outside. Your frequency it totally based on what keeps your hair healthy and fresh. It’s important that you base your washes off of what works for your hair texture.

In my opinion, washing your hair isn’t a novelty or the thing that keeps you busy on a Thursday night, it’s the need to have fresh and clean hair all of the time.


We want to hear from you. How often do you wash your hair?