I used Sheena’s Hair Emporium Virgin Indian Straight hair for a new hairstyle! Check out my hair below in my new video!

This hair was originally 18/20 inches long, but I decided to go with a natural length with a pop of color. I would have gotten a blow out on my natural hair but it’s way too humid where I live! Plus, I wanted to give my natural hair a break.

My mom cut and colored my hair for me, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out! I wanted my hairstyle to resemble that of Patricia Bright’s new look. Short and Layered! I can’t wait to start curling it.

I haven’t had extensions since last October! I’ve had this hair for about a year or two: Sheena’s Hair Emporium Virgin Indian Straight Hair!

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram @IndiaWrites or Youtube at YouTube.com/IndiaVlogsHair! Let me know what you think about my new look!
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