After writing my previous posts about how I find myself only rocking my natural hair outside of work due to fear of scrutiny, I had to check myself. Writing that post really forced me to confront the fact that I was giving in, in a way, I just didn’t feel comfortable with. I was giving in, by rocking my wig everyday because I know it’s the preferred look for black professional women at my company. Once I wrote that post, I found myself feeling a bit ashamed and because of that, I decided to be natural in the office everyday last week and it was the bomb yall.


Now of course when I walked into work there were tons of questions. I am pretty sure that some of my coworkers had even convinced themselves my wig was a bit more permanent than it actually was. So I watched over and over again as their eyes grew large at the sight of my short little curls. Most gave compliments and of course no one said anything negative but that didn’t stop me from wondering what they really thought about me being all types of natural in the workplace. I literally had to cut those thoughts off though because I was finally comfortable at work with my tiny afro.

The tiny fro was great for so many reasons, the first one being comfort. My edges can be a tad funny acting if you know what I mean, so having something rubbing against them can cause irritation sometimes. I also really loved going out on the warmer mornings with slightly damp hair after co-washing because it was invigorating to feel the air cool on my scalp first thing in the morning. It was a great pick me up on the mornings where I was a bit more sluggish.

I also noticed how much my hair seemed to enjoy the extra co-washing, moisturizing and hydration. When I wear my wigs, I don’t wet my hair as much but when I wear my curls out, I co-wash and wet my hair in the shower daily. All the extra water has my curls so juicy and my edges look fuller and I even have some new curls popping in along my hairline. I still get giddy when I see my temples now because I swear I’ve never really had much hair there so seeing curls on my temples is a HUGE accomplishment. (I know right)

I can definitely say that I really enjoyed letting my TWA be free this week. I feel like I’ve given myself the option to choose now. Some days I am still going to want to rock my wigs because, let’s be honest, my hair from Sheena’s Hair Emporium gives me all types of life baby and that hair has to be rocked. Now, I can really say I feel just as comfortable in my office with my TWA as I do with my fabulous wig. Sometimes, we just have to dive in to free ourselves from the invisible chains and I definitely did that this past week.

– Christian

How do your coworkers react to your natural hair? We want to know.