Summer’s here and the heat is TURNT UP! That means humidity (in Arkansas, anyway) and sweat have become all too common among women trying to be cute with their hair, myself included. During this time of year, my hairstyles get more creative with ways to be cute and sexy, and cool (as in temperature). Here are a few ways I get creative with keeping hair of my face and off of my neck, as well as keeping it cute with my favorite hair accessories for the summer.

Headbands are Essential for Every Length

Favorite Hair Accessories

Messy Ponytail…no need to concern yourself with edges

Headband styles are the easiest to achieve, and they give you a put together look with little to no effort.  Just pull your hair back and apply your favorite material print band.  No need to worry about edges because the headband has you covered. You can wear it with an afro puff or a messy ponytail. I have,also, seen them worn well with a TWA.

Favorite Hair Accessories

Photo credit: TWA in tact

Headbands are great for me because I do not like my hair in my face, and I don’t often wear bangs.  Headbands are a perfect solution to keeping it cute while trying to stay cool this summer.

There is a another headband that I typically use, as well. You, know…the one with the plastic or metal band that only fits around the front of your head. No matter your style or length, its always a good look.

Favorite Hair Accessories

Found on Etsy, So Cute!



Bobby Pins Hold it Down

Favorite Hair Accessories

No more plain bobby pins

The decorated bobby pin can add so much flare and personality to your hair style in the summer while you are actually trying to keep the hair out of your face –  you’ll swear by these everyday once you get them in rotation. I found many cute pins on Etsy.  If you are sleeping on Etsy, then you better wake up.  There are some cute bobby pins for your hair and many other personalized self indulgences that you can get mesmerized by and waste three hours of your life simply searching for “stuff”.  Seriously, there are items on Etsy that you didn’t know you wanted or needed. In any case, by using a decorated bobby pin instead of plain one, you have eliminated all the “boring” from your hair which in turn deletes it from you life.

Favorite Hair Accessories

No hair in my face while keeping it cute


I am involved in quite a bit of outdoor activities during the summer, and these two hair accessories are so necessary to my life that I feel naked without one or the other during this season.  While it is hot and humid, that does not mean you should not prepare for a cute hairstyle.  Don’t waste your time with all that curling and twisting.  Get with my two favorites hair accessories for summer and shorten your “get ready time” in the morning.  You will definitely be – KEEPING IT CUTE!

What do you do with our hair in summer? How do you stay cool while keeping cute?