SHE Fam! New looks excite me. This look isn’t new, but it is hot. Messy hair has been made popular all over again. Think 80’s and big hair but much more polished to perfection. I am excited about the messy styles and the creativity that gleams through hair.

How Do I Achieve The Messy Look?
The messy look doesn’t mean that you don’t comb your hair it does mean that you relax from parting the straightest part and combing your hair all to one side. One of the best tools to keep your hair messy is the rake comb. Also, messy equals volume. Using products to add volume can also add the most to your messy hair. Tresemme has a line called the 24 Hour Body Collection. The shampoo, conditioner, blow dry lotion, finishing spray and foaming moose is designed to give bounce and body. This product makes messy hair great because you still get the shine desired plus the volume necessary to achieve the messy look.

Who Is The Messy Look For?
The messy hair is for anyone who is unapologetically attracted to trend and style. Messy hair isn’t so trendy that it’s not professional. Messy hair can take you to work and out for an evening on the town. Messy hair is most popular for relaxed hair and hair extensions (Sheena’s Hair Emporium). Another way to get the best out of your messy hair is by adding “the beat.” Yes…makeup definitely adds to the style of a messy hair do.

Now that you know more about the messy look that’s been made popular, let’s look at a few styles to inspire you this season.

Messy Bun
The messy bun isn’t anything new, but it’s always reinvented. Lala gives us an extra flare with the braid work added to her messy bun. The messy bun is perfect for medium to long hair and works well for an everyday look.

Messy Bobciarabob
I’ve seen the messy bob done a million times, but Ciara has done it the best. This works really well for those girls who are a part of the #bobmob. It’s not rocket science and can be done easily by loosely curling your hair and using the rake comb to make it messy. A deep swoop adds so much to the messy bob. This look can be worn by day or night.

All Around Messy Hair
I believe this look derived from this beauty. Her character as Carrie Bradshaw has impacted the lives of many. Sarah Jessica Parker gives life and class to messy hair. This look is so very easy to achieve at any length but especially with long tresses. Virgin Indian Body Wave and Virgin Indian Straight will most certainly give you the look. This look is timeless and can carry you throughout your days and evenings. I recommend using your makeup to diversify your look. For example, dark lips and messy hair for the evening….nude lip, pink cheeks for the day.

Messy hair has been made popular and I think it’s fabulous. Be bold and go for the messy hair look this season.

With sass and class.


We want to hear from you. What do you think of the messy hair look? What style do you like best? Do you use a particular product for added body and volume?