I know I can’t be the only one wrestling hair moisturizers and pomades out of my man’s hands. My fiance’ gets just as excited as I do when new hair products come to the house and he swears that his “waves” count as natural hair too. He even deep conditions to optimize his wave pattern and hydrate his curls. His words not mine. (insert some side eye)


With the huge advance in black women’s hair care, it still seems that black men have largely been omitted. When you visit your local Target, Walmart, or any other store for that matter, the men’s hair care section is largely non-existent. There may be a few gels and shampoos but they’re all pretty basic for the most part and not really catering to health like women’s hair care does. So that leaves them to raid their girlfriend’s, wive’s, or mother’s cabinets in hopes of finding a product that doubles as men’s hair care when they find their hair to be lacking.

To be honest, I think only a few men have made the connection between shinier, deeper waves and the overall health of their hair. Having beautiful and deep waves is pretty much like nurturing a natural hair curl pattern and enhancing it to make the curls really “pop”. This all happens when we spend time deep conditioning, moisturizing, and carefully maintaining our hair. I can use my fiance’ as a great example. He was noticing a bit of thinning in his hair. After bringing it up to me, we figured out that his entire routine was missing a key component, moisture. At no point was he really hydrating his hair. He would use different pomade styling products to add fake shine or lay his hair down but he wasn’t using any products that were specifically geared towards moisturizing and improving his hair health.

Once we figured that out, we were able to approach his hair care totally different. Something that I now regret a tad because my hair products are dwindling down twice as quickly now. His hair is definitely happy about it though and he has truly experienced an increase in natural luster, moisture, and density. He’s also really happy about the effect moisture is having on his wave pattern. Waves are pretty much laid down curls so when you properly moisturize them, they develop a deeper healthier curl. This means his waves are much deeper and have a beautiful, healthy, and almost wet look because his hair cuticles are so laid down and nourished.

Finally understanding that men have natural hair too really helped us to approach his hair care totally different. Even though he is cutting his hair off much more often than most women ever would, he still gets to reap the benefit of a healthy, hydrated hair and scalp. His hair grows in fuller and more lustrous than ever before so yeah ladies, men have natural hair too and realizing that can do them a world of good. Just remember to hide your hair stash if you’re not quite ready to share your goods!


Does your guy sneak into your hair products? We want to know.