When you hear people say they are blessed and highly favored what does it mean to you? Better yet, what does the feeling of being blessed mean to you?

It’s amazing because, as I grow spiritually, I no longer equate being blessed to material things. Instead, my blessings include waking up each day (in good health, Amen) and being a blessing to others. Yes, it’s a blessing to be a blessing.
Living a blessed life goes beyond responding to someone’s ask of your well-being with the answer, “blessed and highly favored” (by the way, there is nothing wrong with that). Living a blessed life exudes in your presence and your actions. It’s walking by faith and glorifying God’s name.

I’ve learned that when you live a blessed life, you should display confidence in your journey and keep a smile on your face. Your confidence in God’s grace and power should be so strong that the enemy has no room in your life. Seriously, a blessed person has a natural repellent against negativity…if their aware of God’s goodness.

Glorifying God’s name daily is another characteristic of the person who lives a blessed life. Do you know that God blesses us to bless others? He doesn’t bless us to hoard all that we have. God has placed every one of us on assignment to show His people what it means to be a believer. From waking up each day, to the things that we have and the way that we live, should be a blessing to someone else. A blessed person gives cheerfully because of all that God has given them. Rather it’s your time, finances or talent giving is a part of living a blessed life.

Once I owned being blessed I found even more joy than I already had. I owned it by not hiding that my life is blessed. That doesn’t mean that I’m flashy, it means that I recognized my gift thus realizing my assignment. Knowing and understanding God’s plans gives me the opportunity to bless others causing me to live in abundance.

Live your blessed life and continue to walk in your purpose.

From my inspirational corner to yours, be blessed and have a wonderful Wednesday.


Remember, when someone is referring to YOU, that makes you HER, so make it important for HER to be GREAT because SHE is EVERYTHING