There is something so sublime about walking around my apartment with a heaping helping of mayonnaise on my tresses.

I am a lover of mayo and what it does for my curls. The smell may not be as awe inspiring, but the beautiful bounce to my curls and the shine is the bomb.

Now I have tried many conditioners (ranging in price) and found some to be downright awful and others simply just  got the job done (nothing to write home about). Since I have been using mayo in my hair though, every deep condition session has helped  and that’s something most products just can’t do. What I also can’t stop raving about is the price. Most people already have the ingredients for this simple deep conditioner in their fridge so for those lucky souls, it could be free. For the ladies who don’t mind making a quick trip to the grocery store, spending 10 bucks will give you the ingredients you need to make this conditioner time and time again.


6 Spoonfuls of Mayo, 1 spoonful of honey, 1 egg

Mix ingredients together in bowl. Simple, right?

I decided to start using mayo on my curlies after watching Naptural85’s wash routine video. I really love how beautiful and healthy her hair looks so I decided to give her entire routine a try, (but this post isn’t about all of that), we’re just discussing the greatness of Mayo so back to it. Above, I listed the ingredients for the mayo deep conditioner (mix the contents in a bowl). You can warm it up a bit but be careful because if it is warmed too long, the egg will begin to cook and that’s just no good (eww). Check out the steps below to see how I apply the conditioner to my hair.


1. To condition, I section my hair into 4 parts with clamps and work with one section at a time. I find that sectioning my hair gives me greater control and allows me to thoroughly cover my hair in the mixture without missing any spots.  After sectioning, I spritz the portion of hair with water until damp (not soaked because then the conditioner will be a runny mess). I also gently detangle because I don’t do much combing after rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.

2. I then liberally apply mayo mix to each section and twist the section up and secure it with a clamp or clip.

3. I repeat this process over my entire head, I usually add a little extra conditioner to my edges just to make sure they’re good and covered in mayo. After that, I place a plastic cap on my head to trap all the heat in and really activate the power of my conditioner (you can also sit under a dryer if you like to really amp it up).

4. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair with my twist still in if possible (I do this because it prevents my hair from re-tangling) I  then take one twist down at a time to apply a regular store brand conditioner to remove the smell of mayo and re-twist each section. I then rinse the conditioner out as my hair is ready for styling!

SIMPLE! I just love it!

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