December 15, 2014:

Over the holidays (in fact a little bit before) I began this game with myself called “eat anything in sight” and Chile let me tell you I’ve been winning!  While it’s always fun to fall out of routine a bit during the holidays, the scale will scare you back to reality quick!


So here I am, about nine pounds heavier and while everyone is telling me they don’t notice I’ve gained, I have assumed the role of being my own worst critic because if I don’t check myself, my friends and family (in an effort to spare my feelings) will most likely wait a bit too late to tell me I’m looking stout. 🙂


We are embarking on a new year and of course, we always have the fondest aspirations for ourselves in regards to who we want be and what we aim to achieve. While it is my goal to start new healthy eating habits when 2015 arrives, I figured a head start wouldn’t hurt.


Enter the Master Cleanse! 


I challenged myself to an initial four day only journey because I know I have a few holiday parties coming up. Monday was my first day and it has not been so bad. Since I know self discipline is an opportunity area for me in the future, I think this is the perfect prelude to a long term practice!


 Enough about me though, lets get down to the meat (or lack there of) of this diet. 


The Master Cleanse is a short term (liquid only) cleanse that involves creating a concoction of fresh lemon juice, water, 100% pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  After researching the cleanse, I learned that humans contain about 20 pounds of undigested waste and toxins that were never emitted from the body. The simple/organic ingredients in the master cleanse serve individual purposes. The lemons are to clean the organs and rid the body of any potential hazardous elements, the cayenne pepper promotes digestion, the maple syrup supplies the body with enough carbohydrates to sustain energy, and (of course) the water also aids in toxin emission.

I’ve spoken with a few women who have tried the cleanse claiming to lose 20 pounds within the span of 2 weeks (the max amount of time anyone should be on this fast). However, my intentions are only to attempt this diet for 4 days. This practice has remained constant for years and many celebrities swear by it. It is said that if an individual does the cleanse about 3 times a year for about 3 days to 2 weeks, they will experience:


  • Mental Clarity
  • A significant boost in Metabolism
  • Clean Digestive tract
  • Weight maintenance!


My Experience So Far         

I’m currently on my final day of the cleanse. Before I began, I was retaining a decent amount of water weight and I’ve noticed that in three days, the scale has gone from 152 to 146.8. Now this is obviously not all fat loss because I know better. A lot of the weight difference can be attributed to a combination of things including loss of muscle mass and water (as mentioned above). However (strangely enough) I have noticed a significant difference in my energy level. I can think clearer and I don’t feel as starved as I anticipated so I’m assuming the ingredients in this diet work as a natural appetite suppressant. Great way to kickoff my vow of self discipline for 2015!


Even if you decide to do the bare minimum of the Master cleanse (3 days), it’s always safer to ease back in to solid foods (you don’t want to make yourself sick). My plan tomorrow is to have some sort of soup or oatmeal in the morning so I can grub later on! Overall, I’d recommend this MC not as a weightless tool but more of a way to kick start another diet or form of healthy living. Happy Holidays!

She is Her Sisters Keeper!


– Cierra Z.


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