Am I the only one who has trouble laying down my edges?

I love a good sew-in, but it starts to become annoying once your sew-in grows out,

(especially if you have a closure). The closure starts to grow back, exposing your edges and it gets harder to camouflage the two different textures.

Right now I have in my Sheena’s Hair Emporium Virgin Indian Straight hair with a lace closure. I have a full sew-in because I’m natural and can’t be bothered with trying to keep my leave-out as straight as my extensions (trying to blend my edges is hard enough!)

My edges are thick, course and hard to blend. I have a few edge controls that I like but most of them either cause build up or cause my hair to curl up. This past weekend I was introduced to using Gorilla Snot on my edges instead and it works amazingly!

I only use three things for this tutorial: a hard, bristle brush, a headscarf, and of course, the Gorilla Snot!

This is my routine for “laying down my edges.” Do you have a special routine? Let me know in the comments section below!

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