I mean seriously let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this braid.

Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” Video Braid is Fabulous. It is seriously stunning.


When I first saw this style, I got mad because I’m sitting over here bald headed (thanks to my latest notion to cut all of my hair off). So now I have to wait until I grow some hair back so I can try this out. I have always been a huge fan of braided hairstyles because of how versatile they are and how easy it is to throw them together quickly for little to no money.

This style is everything to me and I immediately pictured all the cool ways that this style could be worn and the multitude of events it would suit. It is sooo funky while managing to be regal. Like honestly, I almost feel like this could be a wedding hairstyle and on the flip side, it could be beautiful beach day hair. You see what I mean, it’s versatile yet so beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Braided hairstyles are an even bigger win because of how great they can be for your hair. When done right, braids can be an amazing protective style. However, It’s important to make sure they aren’t installed too tightly or pulling on your edges too tautly. They can encourage hair growth by protecting our fragile ends from breakage. When your hair is tucked away in braids, you’re not harming it with harsh combing, heat, or aggressive treatment. Therefore your ends are shielded and your length is maintained!

Braided styles have definitely made a huge comeback as of late with people rocking gorgeous goddess braids or good ole fashioned corn rows. Goddess braids are definitely one of my favorite styles because they put such a beautiful feminine spin on a staple hairstyle. Instead of simply braiding your hair straight to the back, you curve the braids around your head giving you a much more face framing effect.

Braids are definitely back IN so Janelle Monae just gave everyone a great new spin on a tried and true style. I adore this look for so many reasons. The top pompadour portion of the style is gorgeous and so soft and then there is the long fishtail style braid that is the perfect dose of drama. The gold accents are the perfect addition to this style and really make it a true head turner. The gold portion could be achieved by wrapping some gold ribbon or string around your braid and securing it without tying it too tightly. As mentioned above, this look would be perfect for an adventurous bride who is looking to really bring the drama with her wedding style. This would look amazing for a beach wedding, with a beautiful flowing grecian style dress and gold head band. Thanks for the inspiration Ms. Monae!


Did you immediately fall in love when you saw Janelle Monae’s braid? Tell me how you’d rock this style. We want to hear from you.