With fall quickly approaching, I figured it would be helpful to talk about the downside to one of the most popular fall fashion trends. Can you guess which one I’m talking about?

The scarf!

SHE family I know I’m not the only one who loves a good scarf. They’re definitely an awesome statement piece for me because they add the perfect dose of functional glam to almost any ensemble.

The downside to this great addition, however, is that due to its placement, (which is usually right against the nape of the neck) scarves can wreak havoc on our hairline. Just think about it, when we put on a scarf, we usually don’t give wearing them a second thought. So more than likely, your scarf is moving back and forth, which means it is rubbing those fragile hairs on the back of your neck or even snagging your ends if your hair is down.

This can lead to crazy breakage! What may seem like a few broken hairs here and there can quickly add up after a few months of wearing your favorite scarves. So how do we avoid having a bald nape?

It could all be so simple if you check out the following tips and tricks:

The first thing to pay attention to is the material of your favorite scarf. Is it a scratchy grabby material that’s attracting every lint ball within its reach? Is it a smooth silky material that glides across your skin? If it’s either of the two, that probably means it is grabbing your hair strands up the same way it grabs those lint balls. You probably feel it when it snags a hair right from your scalp. Like I said before, one or two hairs a couple times a day will eventually leave you in a hairy situation … (Insert smirk).

What if your favorite scarf is an emphasis hair grabber, but you still can’t part with it because it is just so gorgeous? There are a couple things you can try that will stop that scarf from ripping you bald. The first thing to do is be sure to fold the scarf so that it does not tug on any of your hair in the back. Be sure to get that back-fold or bunching as slim as possible. You can also make sure that you wear your hair up so it doesn’t graze the scarf when it moves. Both of these things can decrease the chance of your hair suffering breakage.

The last thing you can do is try to make sure your hair is consistently moisturized. Hair that is adequately hydrated is less likely to break so paying attention to the moisture levels of your tresses are a great defense against aggravating scarves.

I really hope you keep these tips in mind as the temps drop and fall approaches. Scarves aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and neither should your hairline or edges so fight back and remember if you’re going to rock it, rock it in a safe and fashionable way! 


Do you wear scarves? Where is your favorite place to buy fun and fashionable scarves that fit the criteria listed above of course.