It’s Friday…Thank God! This has been the longest week! As always, I love to keep it light on Fridays. I feel that a fun read is necessary for a good weekend. If you follow my blog posts, you may already know this…but for new members of the SHE Fam, I’ll share. I’m 28 and I’ve been married for two years. Being married is such a blessing, however, it’s also a job. It’s my favorite job, but in addition to this beautiful work called marriage, I’m also a full-time employee. I say all that to drive the point that time is limited. My days consist of HR related issues for over 200+ people and my evenings are dedicated to him. I’ve learned that somewhere in between the chaos at work and the cuddling at home….I have to find time for ME.

Rather you’re single, in a relationship, married or a mother, me time is important. Prioritizing yourself and the things that keep you balanced is the first step in making sure you can say…”I still got it”

What does all of this mean? Being able to say, “I still got it” isn’t about preserving your youth, it’s about preserving your confidence. Getting older comes with changes to your body, mind and finances.

When I was 20…I was a solid 105 pounds. As a matter of fact, I tried to gain weight. At 28…I don’t have one problem gaining weight. I’m not as concerned about losing weight as I am being healthy and feeling good. By prioritizing yourself and making sure you have the necessary “me time” you will free up brain space to plan and execute your fitness/healthy living goals.

A mind is a beautiful thing to waste. In addition to your beauty, you now have wisdom. That’s the plus on getting older. Use your experiences to do better and remember to free your mind of nonsense. I believe that’s the recipe for being able to say, “I still got it.” People should be able to see that beautiful mind through your words and actions.

I don’t think I can say this enough….finances speak volume when it comes to who you are. Getting older comes with more responsibility and we all know that responsibility cost. It’s about taking care of your business (see How SHE Spends Her Money). What better way to own your accomplishments?

You don’t have to fall off when getting up in age. No matter what your situation is, make yourself a priority by taking care of your body, exercising your mind and handling your business. This is the best way to say, “I still got it.”

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a BLESSED Friday.