The title of this post may have thrown you off a bit when you first read it, but let me tell you using coconut oil to remove my makeup has been one of the most beneficial aspects of my skincare routine.

I began noticing my skin looking a little less vibrant around my 23rd birthday and I already had under eye lines, but they were becoming more noticeable along with my crazy under eye darkness. This decline came along with my new fixation with makeup. At first, I didn’t make the connection between my makeup routine and the state of my skin. I just figured I was aging a bit early (not to say that didn’t bother me) but I just figured it was something I would have to accept.

My dawning of ignorance finally came when I was watching one of the popular YouTuber ‘s (MakeupDoll) videos and she demonstrated her nightly makeup removal and cleansing routine. One of the coolest steps to me was when she applied an oil to her skin following a thorough scrubbing with her makeup wipes. The oil is what really pulled the makeup out of her skin and got rid of so much grime that a makeup wipe could never get. Plus, she finished the oil step off by applying a hot towel to her face in order to wipe the excess off along with the makeup it sucked out of her pores.

After watching the video, I knew I had to give her routine a try. I modified it slightly to fit my skin type and needs but the idea is still the same. In her video, she used a makeup oil remover product, but I am a huge fan of coconut oil, so I chose that as my oil instead. See below the details on my process of removing my makeup and you will have a better idea of how I rid my pores of harmful makeup residue and buildup.

I think oftentimes we spend so much time talking about how we want to beat our faces, but what about when makeup actually does a beating and leaves our skin destroyed as a result? Check out the steps below and let me know what you all think!


1. To begin my makeup removal process, I use one of my Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes to remove the bulk of the makeup found on the surface of my skin. This step just gets things going and reduces the mess that I will have once I apply the oil to my face. It’s also important to be gentle when rubbing the wipe around your eyes as that skin is extremely sensitive in that area.

2. After I have removed the majority of makeup from my skin, I apply a nickel sized amount of coconut oil to my face and really rub it in, as if I am applying a cleanser or soap. I take special care to rub around my eyes, my nose, my brows and my cheeks (These are areas where a great deal of makeup is applied so they require a bit more attention).

3. The last step in this process is to gently rub a clean HOT cloth on my face to remove the oil and makeup residue from my skin (The hot cloth opens my pores making it easier for the makeup to be wiped away).

4. I usually follow up with a gentle cleansing using my African black soap and I then use apple cider vinegar as my toner.

I can honestly say that since I have been following this skin routine, I have experienced less breakouts and blackheads. The only time things get out of control is when I slack off with the routine or eat a bunch of stuff I had no business scarfing down. *insert shrugs* (It happens lol)

These are the best tips I can offer when it comes to makeup removal and skin care.


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