Dry hair is probably one of the biggest battles women fight with their hair and oftentimes a couple quick fixes is all our thirsty curls need.

I figured I should share a few quick tips I’ve learned while figuring out what my hair likes and dislikes with the SHE family. Let me know what you all think and if you have tried any of the following tips to refresh your tresses:

TIP #1


Are you properly hydrating? How can your hair be moisturized if the body it pulls moisture from is running on “E”? It can’t, so that means that every sip of water (yes I said water) that you take not only hydrates you but also hydrates your scalp and hair. Moral of the story: Drink up!

TIP #2


It all starts with the scalp. Oftentimes, when we think of haircare, we totally ignore the scalp which can be a huge no no because that’s where our hair comes from. If our scalp is not flourishing how could our hair? That’s why it’s so important to first figure out if your scalp is healthy. A key thing to check for is product buildup on the scalp. A coating of built up product can literally starve your scalp of nutrients because it forms a barrier that nothing can get through. That’s why it’s super important to properly cleanse your scalp and remove old product residue.

TIP #3


Product buildup can also be on your hair. People sometimes mistake oils and heavy butters for MOISTURIZERS. A product can only moisturize your hair if it has WATER, (good ole H20) as an ingredient. So if you look at the ingredient list that should be present on the product label and you don’t see water, then the product is not a moisturizer. That means that when you apply it to your hair, it is forming a barrier around your strand which will eventually block water from entering. Note: This is totally fine if you have already added water aka moisture to your strands and you’re just using the product to SEAL the goodies in.

TIP #4


Invest in a quality moisturizer. Please check out that ingredient label and see if water tops the list. If you don’t see it all then that’s not the product for you. You can still use your oils and butters, but just be mindful of the purposes they serve. They’re usually great sealants or stylers so their place in your cabinet is solidified BUT, they do need to be accompanied by a true moisturizer in order for your hair care regimen to be complete. A few favorites of mine are the Cantu Leave in Conditioner and the Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer. Just give a product or two a try until you find the right one for you. Hair care is a constant journey.

I hope this post gave you some quick tips on what might be keeping your hair from being its best. Let us know what you think.