You stalked Christian Byshe’s instagram account, oohing and awwwwing over her hair. You finally made it over the Christmas hump with your finances.  You were able to make an investment and purchase quality hair. Now you plan to call up your favorite stylist and get your hair installed and styled. At this point, you just need to know how to extend the life of your hair extensions so your purchase will not be in vain.


Keep Your Extensions Clean

Make sure you take care of your scalp.  When washing your hair, massage your scalp to get rid of any oil, product or bacteria.  Make sure to wash from the root to the ends in a downward motion.  Be gentle so you will not loosen the area where they are attached.  “Handle with care” is an understatement.  You cannot be careful enough. Rinse well before you condition the hair.  Air dry if possible.  If you must use heat (we suggest you don’t – air drying is best), keep the dryer setting on low heat and use a protective heat serum or spray to reduce heat damage. (Here are some heatless styles you may find easy to achieve.)


extend the life of your hair extensions

Gentle Conditioner




Satin is Your Friend

When sleeping make sure you sleep in a satin cap, sleep on a satin pillow case or tie your hair up with a satin scarf.  Satin does not dry your hair and reduces breakage.  If you sleep with anything else you will not extend the life of your hair extensions.  You are actually shortening the life of your extensions.

extend the life of your hair extensions

Satin is your best friend



 Use Caution with All Products

Heat protectant sprays and serums are handy products to have if you must use a dryer.  Rollers and flexi-twist rods need to be your best friend.

extend the life of your hair extensions

Flexi-twist Rods

Make sure that any flat iron or curling iron you use is set on “low”heat settings.  Anything above 350 degrees will likely cause frizz and breakage from heat damage. It does not take much heat to achieve curly hair.

extend the life of your hair extensions

Rollers and Extensions can easily bring you this look

Remember to handle your hair extensions with care.  They were not a cheap investment and you should treat with respect.  Be good to them and they will be good to you.

Did you know with the proper care, your hair extensions can last more than a year? What do you do to extend the life of your hair extensions?