Before I even gave birth to my little girl, I remember secretly hoping she would have a head full of hair for me to play in and style. My excitement immediately bloomed when I laid eyes on Kenzie and saw that gorgeous head full of dark hair. It wasn’t until a few weeks after caring for her little curls that I realized baby hair care was an issue that needed a bit of research … something just didn’t seem right.

I’m sure I am not the only new mother who suddenly found herself the recipient of EVERY WOMAN’s advice. I mean, it can seriously become overwhelming if you let it (but that’s a whole other topic ladies).

To make this a simple read, I am going to break this post into sections and share the advice I was given, what I learned, and what I ultimately did. Feel free to compare and contrast with me and maybe even figure out what you may want to try with your little one’s hair.


Once I had Kenzie, I was told to use Johnson’s baby lotion on her soft little skin and that I could also place it in her hair as well (or baby oil if I wanted to do that instead). Me being me, my first thought was “Uhm … why would I put lotion in HER hair if I wouldn’t put it in MY own?”

However, I ultimately decided to give this routine a try to see if it held any merit because odd tips sometimes work.

After a couple weeks of applying the baby lotion, Kenzie’s hair began drying out very badly and it just did not look healthy at all. This may not bother some people because baby’s hair textures change so much in the early years (and can even fall out with no consequence to later hair growth ability). Nevertheless, I was still a bit bothered.

So I decided to abandon the Johnson & Johnson lotion/baby oil routine and try what worked for me.


After sitting down and giving it some real thought, I realized that though my daughter had a lot of curly hair, it was VERY fine so it dried out and broke easily. With that knowledge in hand, I headed to my personal at home beauty supply (a.k.a. my bathroom cabinet). The first thing I tried was coconut oil and for a while it worked just fine (so long as her hair was freshly washed). Now since oils are not capable of moisturizing because they don’t contain water, I knew this would not work for long.

The next product I tried was a tiny bit of the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Since she was a baby with very sensitive skin, I had to be very cautious when trying products on her to avoid any breakouts or rashes. Now this worked really well for over a year. It was a staple product for us because it moisturized her hair so well but also helped with styling.

As far as washing her hair, I decided to leave Johnson’s dual baby wash/shampoo alone as well. So I did more of a co-washing routine to retain moisture in her hair. Sometimes I would use a bit of WEN or Eden Body Works All Natural Cleansing Cowash.

This brings me to our current routine …


Before I talk about Kenzie’s hair care routine I want to discuss how I arrived at this regimen. Along the way, there was some serious trial and error. The most important thing I learned from were the errors. Since Kenzie’s hair was a completely different texture from mines, I had to rely on research from natural hair sites for 3b and 3c in order to figure out what type of routines enabled her hair type to flourish. So instead of going off of what other’s told me or what I knew to be true for my curls, I reached out for guidance.

I also let her hair tell me what it needed. When Kenzie’s hair didn’t like a product, it would become stiff, greasy, dry, or just look rough in general. On the other hand, when her hair liked a product, it would look so incredibly pretty, bouncy, and have great luster. So I paid attention to her hair’s response in order to decide what I needed to do.

Now that we’ve put some time into figuring out what works, I figured out that her hair is not brand specific but it does like certain TYPES of products. For Kenzie’s hair routine, I know I need:

  • liquid spray leave in conditioner
  • A heavy butter moisturizer
  • A quality cowash product
  • A gentle cleansing shampoo
  • A denman brush for detangling and styling
  • Seamless hair ties. 

As long as I have product that fits in each of those categories, I know I can properly maintain her hair and help it to grow out healthy and long.

– Christian


We want to hear from you! This was all of course my personal experience so feel free to collaborate with me and add your tips into the comments section below!