You may not be ready for a sew-in but want to experiment with hair extensions. Clip-ins may be your route to adding volume and style to your hair. This may be you test of whether or not you want to get a full sew-in installed later. Here are a few seamless ways to blend your clip-ins with you hair.

1: Create a Solid Base

In order for the clip to have something to hold on to without falling out or slipping, you will need to have solid and thick base to which you can secure the clip. If you have thick hair, then you are one of the lucky ones who will have it easy when adding the clip-ins.  However, if you have thin hair then it may be a little tricky.  You will have to do a little more work to create a base for the clip. You can tease the roots of the chosen section or you can create a corn row braid that goes across the section in which you will add the clip.

Blend Your Clip-ins

Sometimes a braid works better than teasing


2: Find the “spot”

It is very important you find the “spot” before you install your clips.  This a an area on your head where the clips will not be seen.  For most people the crown of the head is the thickest area of your hair. This is the area on your head where you can add the clip-ins and where the clips will and should not be seen. It is the ideal place to add the clips-ins.  It is not a good look to add a clip-in to top part of your head.  You may need a full sew-in if you want to add your clips there. That’s where we’ll need to talk about closures.


3: Choose the Right Extensions

If you have straight, curly or naturally kinky hair, you’ll want to pick the correct texture and color.  Once you have determined which textures you need, you will want to make sure your clip-ins match your hair color. We recommend you consult your stylist for coloring of your clip-ins.

Blend Your Clip-ins

SHE provides excellent clip-ins for no commitment hairstyles


4: Layer Your Clip-ins

Layers add body to your hair and give life to your hairstyle. You can do more with them with a fuller head of hair.  If you feel they need to be cut into a style, your stylist can easily give your hair the look you want.

Blend Your Clip-ins

Layers give life to your hair

5: Style Your Hair

Sheena’s Hair Emporium clip-ins look good as they are, but you may want to make them your own by styling and adding your personality to your hairstyle. You can use flat irons and curling irons to manipulate the hair, or if you are looking for a “no heat” choice, curl formers are perfect. Just be sure to add in your own hair while styling.

Look at these styles here, here and here.

Try out these tips to better blend your clip-ins.  You should achieve a seamless and natural look if followed properly. We’d love to hear how you wear you clip-ins.  Please share with us, and we can learn from you just as you learn from us.