Hi SHE Fam! Happy Monday! Money is such a sensitive subject and for many the topic of it may immediately cause you to shut down.  While some of us may have a handle on money and how to spend it, others may not. Either way, financial wellness is directly connected to our overall wellbeing.

I once read that financial problems can weigh in on our emotions, our rest and ability to focus. I can confirm that this is all very true. And whereas, this post won’t tell you how to spend your money, it’s my hope that it will provide insight on how to not let money interrupt your peace of mind.

Because God gives it to you…..

Every dime that we receive comes from God through various channels. For many of us our bread and butter comes from working. He has given us the strength and wisdom to get through the day to day at our jobs so that we can afford the lifestyle that we live. I had to learn that blessings in the form of money are to take care of my needs not everything in the universe that I think I may want. Often times, we allow our needs and what we want to weigh the same, when in all actuality that’s not the case. What we need verse what we want is all about perspective.

Because God gives it to you, it means that he trusts you. God entrusts us with blessings for us to glorify His name. When He knows that you know what to do with your blessings, He gives you more. Part of knowing what to do is being able to prioritize wants and needs, but also knowing how to give. Our money isn’t just our money. Our money is a gift given to us with the expectations that we take care of our needs and are willing to sacrifice our wants to help others in need.

How we spend our money measures what’s important to us. Is it saving? Is it the finer things in life? The thought provoking question isn’t meant to make you evaluate your last few purchases, it is meant to make you appreciate what you are able to do with what God gives you.

Money can be the root of all evil, but it doesn’t have to be. By recognizing that it’s not our money but instead a gift from God to take care of our needs; we are my spiritually inclined to carefully measure what we really call a need verse a want. It will also help us to show full appreciation for what we have with great intentions to do our best with it. This along with a giving spirit equals the financial wellness needed to keep us balanced and at peace.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Monday.