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Christmas is a few weeks away and I’ve checked my list…once or twice…I’ve haven’t been naughty but instead very nice. *inserts laughter* I love buying gifts for my family and friends. I have just about everyone in my life figured out…including my HUSBAND. After dating for seven years and buying Christmas gifts for the last eight years..I finally have a clue. We do this thing where we share with each other the things that we want, but because I love the art of giving gifts…I always add a surprise or two or three. Last weekend my sister gave me a brilliant idea about gift buying. She uses this method for her children and her husband.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

I thought this was super cute and all the way awesome. It’s like the equation to gift buying. Now…the disclaimer is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to give good gifts. Remember, it really is the thought that counts. The gift can be sentimental or just a small masculine buy. Below are some good buys for HIM this Christmas.

Perfect Drink App

This is a cool and fun gift from Brookstone, home of the awesome gadgets. What an awesome way to promote a date night at home? If he likes to indulge then for $50.00 he can be your personal bartender. To spice it up, add a bottle or two with the gift.


Anytime you feed into their love for sports, you’re a winner. Now make it a win-win for the both of you and buy your man some tickets to his favorite sport/team. This is an awesome gift to promote your weekend getaway or weekend at home alone (buy 2 tickets and send him with his boys or dad). Ticketmaster can give you the details on all of the upcoming games. And if his team doesn’t play until March…don’t worry, this gives him something to look forward to.


I love watches and so does my husband. I feel that watches for a man is equivalent to purses for us. It’s the accessory for them that adds the final pop. Like us and our purses, the price range can go from $$ – $$$$’s. When shopping for a man, it’s cool to splurge from time to time (if you feel he’s worth it…future blog to come on that subject). It’s not all about the brand though. Again, it’s the thought and sometimes it’s just about style. We’ve seen what Michael Kors can do with watches. I’m a fan of the make-a-statement big oversized watch. My favorite brand for watches is Movado. In the purse world, this is equivalent to a Louis Vuitton bag. Both brands are timeless. If you’re man knows has an eye for men’s fashion and the swag to match…he will love a Movado watch. Don’t hesitate to make this one gift one he wants, one he needs, one to wear and one to read. Another watch favorite of mine is a new brand that I ran across recently Arvo. I love it because the price point is very reasonable and it makes a statement. For approximately $55.00 your man can rock out with a classic leather band big faced time piece. I’m a huge fan of classic but trendy for men and women.


Cologne is another favorite. It’s like our lipstick…a man can never have enough cologne. I personally take pride in making sure my man smells good. I reap the benefits of cologne just as much as he does. Tom Ford has a sensual fragrance that I love and Bleu De Chanel is an everyday fragrance that has a nice blend of citrus, wood. It’s a fresh and clean signature smell. Those are two of my favorites but be sure to keep his chemistry and taste in fragrance in mind before buying. Take a look at his cologne bottles and when going into Sephora or Macys you will be ready to tell the experts what he already wears. They should be able to help you pick out the equivalent.


Keep in him in the know with the purchase of a good book. This is an awesome stocking stuffer or small buy. A few books on my radar that will be beneficial for him is Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Think Like a Success (see for my review) and Instinct by T.D. Jakes. Writing an encouraging note on the inside of the book adds sentimental value and for the last time, it’s the thought that counts (smile). Check out Amazon for details on the books and other gift ideas.

Holiday shopping for him doesn’t have to be stressful, just remember to stay within your budget, give from your heart (not with the expectations of getting something of much better value in return) and be cute with it because the greatest gift he will receive on Christmas (and every day) is YOU!

Happy Shopping!!