Good Morning SHE Fam! Happy Wednesday! Let me say that my current space is perfect for writing. The sun is shining, I’m in the office and the city is just waking up. These are the times that give me pure joy.

During the work day, I smile when I’m not up to it. I work extremely hard and I must say I’m good at what I do. I handle personal business even when I don’t feel like it to get things done. Every day or at least five days of the week, I’m forced to be a gladiator and my goal at the end of each day is to say…it’s handled. On a spiritual level, I understand God’s place in it all. I strive to make Him priority as it relates to my time and often ask that He order my footsteps in all that I do. Remember….I’m a work in progress.

I say all of this to drive my point that with all of the business that I take care of, I often feel like I lose my soft side at times.  In some cases I’ve applauded the fact that I have a thick layer of skin because I’m not easily moved. In other areas of my life, especially my personal life…it becomes difficult to allow things to get under my skin…but when it does; it’s hard to handle.

Why? I’ve been blessed with the ability to overcome and dismiss obstacles in most areas of my life except for the things that matter most. I know that I have no control over people but I have a set of expectations for the people that I care about. Because I don’t allow myself to be vulnerable to my expectations and feelings….. I internalize, I pray about it and self-consciously attempt to dismiss it. I’ve also learned that this isn’t the answer.

If you struggle with this, I’ll tell you that prayer is key (it’s definitely helps me). I ask God often how to open up to the right things that need my compassion, attention and love. I also ask that he change my perspective on what it means to have a soft side. Most importantly, I ask that He helps me release all that I internalize because it really is unnecessary weight.

I’m learning that having a soft side or allowing things to effect you is only a problem if you become vulnerable to everything that comes your way. It’s normal for some things to bother us because we’re human. Use wisdom to know when to step out of gladiator mode and what issues are not obstacles but necessary things that require your heart and mind.

People only know about us…what we share.

From my inspirational corner to yours, have a blessed Wednesday.